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Carolyn Kardinal -- "Oregon Glory"

Carolyn Kardinal's  
"Oregon Glory"
Reviewed By Michael P. Jones

What does one do if they love a state for its natural beauty and wildness and wants to let other know how they feel, but they don't know how to appropriately express them self? Well, if you have a lot of musical talent, you'd write a bunch of great songs, record them, and put the creation out as an album so the world could enjoy it. Well, this is exactly what Carolyn Kardinal of Cherryville, Oregon, has done.

Kardinal's tape, titled "Oregon Glory", features twelve great songs that should appeal to all members of the family. Written in the western foothills of Mt. Hood in her home at the historic Village of Cherryville, the collection of original tunes captures her thoughts and feelings about this great state that she loves.

The songs of "Oregon Glory" allow one to carry the state's forests, beaches, and mountains in your pocket. Available on both CD and cassette, Kardinal celebrates the spirit and uniqueness of Oregon's natural beauty,

On "Oregon Glory", Kardinal plays the guitar, violin, and synthesizer, and sings lead vocals on the songs. A former teacher at schools in the Centennial School District, as well as in Springfield and Lake Oswego, she also sang professionally in the Bay Area where she recorded three albums between 1989 and 1994.

"Oregon Glory" makes Oregon's infinite beauty come alive and should be on everyone's "want list" especially if you want great music that seems to place you - you swear - smack dab in the middle of an Ancient Forest, and even makes you believe you can actually taste the salty air of the Pacific Ocean, or see the breath-taking view from a vista of the Columbia River Gorge.

After Kardinal released her album, she didn't bother slowing down. Instead, she took to the stage performing her beautiful songs from "Oregon Glory" wherever she could find an audience. She has been featured at the "Mt. Hood Salmon & Mushroom Festival", "Pioneer Harvest Feast", "Mount Hood Public Lands Clean-Up", "Christmas Along the Barlow Trail", and other events and gatherings, including a rally against the new "Federal Timber Salvage Law" that was held in late-Autumn of 1995.

You can order "Oregon Glory" at any Music Millennium store, or by mail from CRK Music, 52120 S.E. Cherryville Drive, Sandy, Oregon 97055. CD's cost $15.00 and audio cassettes sell for $10.00. For further information you can call Kardinal directly at (503) 668-8804.