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Pamela Jordan -- "Standard Procedure"

Pamela Jordan
"Standard Procedure" 

Reviewed By Michael P. Jones

Pamela Jordanís personal story as a struggling singer/songwriter is similar to a lot of people trying to 
make it in the music business, except that she may really 
one day accomplish this seemingly impossible dream in some fashion with her particular style of Pop-Jazz. Her captivating vocals and Blessed with an outstanding singing voice that some people classify as "angelic jazz" or just plain "better-than-good," Jordan has the ability to take her music and blend it into the vastly different audiences that hear her perform. From "Art-in-the-Park" in Cannon Beach to the "Mount Hood Huckleberry Festival & Barlow Trail Days," whether itís Jazz or Folk, no matter how varied and diversified her audiences are, she easily wins them over.

Jordan is a favorite amongst critics. They have described her singing as "honey-hued, meltingly sensual, arresting, sensitive, and powerful." Yet, whatever term you choose to use, she has a special way of interpreting a song that provokes even more special descriptions.

People regularly compare Jordanís voice to a lot of outstanding singers. This includes everyone from Pop singers Sade and Desíree to the legendary Jazz vocalist Sarah Vaughn.

Jordan seriously put her talents to work in the recording studio. The end result being her first CD, "Standard Procedure," an eight-song collection of Jazz songs that she easily mastered with internationally-renowned guitarist John Stowell.

Jordanís "Standard Procedure" was blessed to have Stowell on guitar, especially since he is on the road traveling beyond the confines of the United States. His unique style and masterful command of the strings bonded to hollowed wood, makes him and his special sound highly appreciated.

The Jordan and Stowell collaboration on "Standard Procedure" is nothing short of refreshing. This CD should be a must for most anyone who loves darn good music, even those who may not even realize that that they really can appreciate the contemplating sounds of Jazz.

From the splendid tunes of "Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered" to "The Nearness of You" and the "Devil May Care," you are won over by the haunting-like lyrics and accompanying guitar work. The sound of Jordan and Stowell is similar to the magic that one gets from a star-infested sky that seeming The images conjured up by "Embraceable You," "Never Let Me Go," and "O' didnít Know What Time it Was" are an interesting byproduct of these two songs, and, perhaps, are the best on the "Standard Procedure" CD. Clearly, this is what you get with good talent.

The songs "My One and Only Love" and "Round Midnight" are beautifully-perfect. The partnership of master Jazz guitarist Stowellís nimble fingers and Jordanís unique and refreshing voice, leaves one wanting more and more.

Jordan has a winner with this special CD of Jazz standards. The familiar sound of the eight featured tunes clearly invokes those past memories of the listener of which there is no escape. Brilliant! Simply brilliant! You can catch Jordan on stage throughout the Portland Metropolitan Area, where she has carved herself an impressive niche as a "Jazz chanteuse," performing at clubs and coffeehouses, entertaining her audiences with both standards and her own special original songs. She is also the featured vocalist for the "Woody Hite Orchestra" and "Dr. Tís Big Band Orchestra."

Jordanís reputation as a superb vocalist is steadily growing. She was selected from 700 contestants as a finalist for the "1999 Lilith Fair Opening Act Contest." She also won the "Portland Songwriters Association 1999 Annual Songwriting Contest" for her original tune, "The Fall of Love," which won the Pop category. Jordanís second CD is due out sometime this summer. Titled "The Fall of Love," her refreshing Pop-Jazz style should accent her superb songwriting abilities which continue to make her a favorite amongst audiences.

Promotions for Jordan are being handled by John DeLance and Mitchelmore of BlueSpot Productions. They can be reached by writing 9220 S.W. Barbur Blvd., Suite 119, Portland, Oregon 97219. Or, by calling (503) 704-2583. For additional information on Jordan and to learn more about her music, write to  john@bluespotproductions.com   For booking information on Jordan, give her a call at (503) 833-7379. Or, you can contact her by email at pjjordan1@aol.com