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Brent K. Rogers -- "Hmm...Works In Progress"

Brent K. Rogers
"Hmm...Works In Progress"

Reviewed by Mike Jones

Brent K. Rogers is a treasure of a singer-songwriter who hails from the Northwest. Known among musicians as a "master recording engineer", his ability to perform magic with their songs has made him much-sought-after for CD projects. Rogers currently has his own CD out that clearly demonstrates just how talented he really is. Titled "Hmm...", it is what he calls an eight-song collection of works in progress. It is a fabulous collection of original tunes that showcases him and his music.

"Sittin' in Denny's..." (written by Karen Kantor and Rogers, and arranged by David MacFarland) features rich vocals and guitar work. It's one of the best on this CD that is filled with a lot of great tunes. "All I Should Have Said" is another noteworthy tune. The song has a brilliant violin featured along with vocals possessing a richness that is becoming a trademark for Rogers. The haunting Country song, "Love Got a Hold On Me" (written by Rogers and Kantor), is another standout on the CD. The featured steel guitar adds a unique dimension to the tune that should become a favorite to anyone fortunate enough to have this eight-song recording project in their record collection.

"Therapy in A Minor" (written by Rogers and MacFarland) has some great guitar work that occasionally reminds you of some of the great "licks" that emerges from "Hotel California" performed by The Eagles. "The Preacher's Daughter" (written by Linda Petty and Rogers), features some outstanding vocals. "The Air That I Breathe", made popular by "The Hollies" in the 1970šs is brilliant as performed by Rogers.

"A Love To Call My Own" (written by Kirsten Vanderwall, David Dickinson, and Rogers) is probably the best song on the CD. The vocals and music makes Rogers shine and best represents the wealth of his talent that is yet untapped. "Back Again" (written by Rogers), however, is also clearly a contender for best song on this CD and may be just that. Fast-paced, it shows that Rogers can pick up the tempo and not lose his creativity and special qualities that are a constant companion in his slower-paced tunes.

"Hmm..", a brilliant eight-song collection of works in progress, can be ordered from PdxNewMusic.Com and purchased for $12 (which includes the cost of shipping).

For additional information on Brent K. Rogers and his music, please check out his website at bkirstan@PdxNewMusic.com or call him directly at (503) 236-3899. He has been one of the featured performers at the "Great Northwest Music" stage at the Cascade Geographic Society's "Mount Hood Huckleberry Festival & Barlow Trail Days" and the "Mount Hood Salmon & Mushroom Festival".