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Dave Carter -- "Snake Handlin' Man"
Theresa Demarest & Good Company -- "Keiko's Dream"

Dave Carter's  
"Snake Handlin' Man"
Reviewed By Michael P. Jones

One of the best recordings that has come out of the State of Oregon for a long time, not to mention the Pacific Northwest, is "Snake Handlin' Man" by Dave Carter. This eleven-song CD features a collection of tunes from one heck of a tunesmith. He is a talented individual that could be labeled as a Folk musician, but really can't be easily "pigeon-holed". This is because he reaches out to a large, diversified audience. Dave is surely one of the best singer-songwriters not only West of the Rocky Mountains and I'm sure you'll agree once you've given a listen', far beyond.

Carter's release of "Snake Handlin' Man" signifies his serious approach to his craft. He has moved far beyond the comforts of the stage -- which he masters most brilliantly -- and is now displaying his talents on the airwaves for anyone who cares judge his talents in the quality of the presentation of his music and lyrics in this splendid recording project.

"Snake-Handlin' Man" is a great CD, but it's not unique in respect to Carter, because when he hits the stage all of his performances are great, appreciable, and definitely not easily forgotten. Undoubtedly this recording project clearly "mirrors" the incredible talents of this singer-songwriter.

This CD features the talents of this multi-award-winning singer-songwriter and is a must for anyone who appreciates a refreshing approach to "life's music". Whether it's "The River", "Where She Sleeps", "Long, Black Road into Tulsa Town", "The Promised Land", "Texas Underground", "Snake-Handlin' Man", "Cowboy Singer," or any of the other tunes written and performed by Carter for this project, you'll become a fan if you are not one already.

Carter's career as a singer-songwriter has just begun, but he's already won some major honors. He was awarded the "Best Contemporary Stylist" by the Portland Songwriters Association in 1998; won First Place in the "American Songwriter Lyrics Contest" in 1998; named "Entertainer of the Year" by the Portland Songwriters Association in 1998; and won First Place at the "Sisters Folk Festival Songwriting Contest" in 1998.

As for his stage appearances, Carter has traveled the highways and back roads throughout the country, performing in festivals and clubs and gaining an impressive reputation as a brilliant tunesmith and entertainer wherever he goes. And, as more and more audiences discover his talents and identify with the timeless, sensitive stories which he tells through his songs, the demand for his music will continue to soar.

Already, Carter has opened for an array of top acts. This includes Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne, and Ian Tyson. He even was picked up once while hitchhiking by the one and only Merle Haggard who wished him the best of luck in this unpredictable world of music.

Carter's music seems to take on a life of it's own. The songs appear to reach out to the listener and gradually, if not quickly, pulls them into the threads of the tune, where they find themselves pleasingly haunted by the songwriter's lyrical and musical messages.

All the songs of Carter seem to tell the stories of the American people. Everyone everywhere will be able to identify with the tunes, whether they've all traveled the same or different roads. There is something about the words and the way the music is presented that seems to be able to filter through the distractions of our everyday lives and find its way into the fabric of our conscience.

"Snake-Handlin' Man" is one CD that you'll gladly add to your music collection and should never tire of. It represents one of those recording projects that reflects life's living tapestries as reflected in the various moods, lyrics, and music served by Carter.

Carter's "Snake-Handlin' Man" is sold for $15 throughout the Portland Metropolitan Area or from the stage wherever he is performing. And, to find out more about him and his music, you can reach him directly at (503) 228-2319 or by email davidc@teleport.com. Or, you can write him at Number 40, 25 N.W. 23rd Place, Suite 6, Portland, Oregon 97210-5599.

[SPECIAL PERFORMANCE NOTE: Dave Carter has performed at the Cascade Geographic Society's 1997 and 1998 "Mount Hood Huckleberry Festival & Barlow Trail Days", and at the Society's 1997 and 1998 "Mount Hood Salmon & Mushroom Festival".]

Theresa Demarest & Good Company's
"Keiko's Dream"
Reviewed By Michael P. Jones

Theresa Demarest is a singer-songwriter from Portland whose style of music could be called "Neo-Folk/Jazz-Fused-With-Blues." The message in her music is creating positive change in the environment through music. And that means great music.

Demarest is an award-winning singer-songwriter who plays guitar, piano, and sings. She performs with an incredibly talented band called "Good Company." The release of their latest recording in September 1999, marks the third CD to their credit so far on Joshua Records, with more surely to come.

"Good Company" is comprised of the following collection of talent: Janice Scroggins on piano; Tim Ellis on lead guitar; Chata Addy on African talking drum and congas; Dennis Springer on saxophone; Myrtle Brown on vocals; and Linda Hornbuckle, who they refer to as the affiliate member, on vocals.

"Theresa Demarest & Good Company" performed at the "Mount Hood Huckleberry Festival & Barlow Trail Days" in 1999 on the "Great Northwest Music" stage. Their music proved to be not only show-stopping, but perfection at its best, as they put on a show that most of the audience will not forget.

Recently, these creative folks took some live recordings and fashioned the songs into a spectacular CD. These great songs were recorded by Dana Monroe and, later, mastered by Bob Stark. Ten of the 11 featured tunes were performed on stage at the Portland Center for the Performing Arts in September of 1996, while "She Alone" was recorded by Richard Mathis in 1992. The end result was their creation titled "Keiko's Dream -- Theresa Demarest & Good Company Live in Concert", on Joshua Records.

The title song of the CD, "Keiko's Dream", is dedicated to Keiko, the Killer Whale, who was rescued from a zoo in Mexico and taken to Newport, Oregon, for rehabilitation. Then Keiko was moved to a special sea pen located in his native waters in Iceland. This tune is an original instrumental piece that was written by Demarest and eloquently performed by lead guitarist Ellis, and is dedicated to this cetacean and evokes his song and his ultimate dream of being released.

"Keiko's Dream" is a great CD if you love superb vocals and music performed by some outstanding musicians. If you don't have this CD already, it's one that you really need to have. Also, don't forget about the others on Joshua Records -- "Bein' Who You Are" and "Moon Rising."

"Theresa Demarest & Good Company" is utilizing "Keiko's Dream" as a centerpiece of their recent tour. Proceeds from the sale of this CD goes to the Ocean Futures Society, which resulted from a merger between The Free Willy Keiko Foundation, Inc. and the Jean-Michael Cousteau Institute.

The "Keiko's Dream" CD is available at Music Millennium, Tower Records, Borders Books & Music, and Locals Only in Portland, Oregon. If you are on the Pacific Coast, it's on sale at the Words, Inc. store at the Cannon Beach Information Center. Or, you can order it directly from Joshua Records at P.O. Box 3132, Portland, Oregon 97208 for $13 (which includes shipping).

For more information on "Theresa Demarest & Good Company", phone or fax 
(503) 235-6072. Their toll free message phone is 1-888-771-6893. Or, visit their website at: http://www.theresacd.com or you can email them at Joshua Records at theresad@teleport.com to keep up on this exciting collection of musicians.

[SPECIAL PERFORMANCE NOTE: "Theresa Demarest & Good Company" has performed at the Cascade Geographic Society's 1999 "Mount Hood Huckleberry Festival & Barlow Trail Days".]