General Tour Information

Cascade Geographic Society (CGS) is a non-profit organization. Each school quarter CGS offers tours that compliment the classes taught by Michael P. Jones and certified through Portland State University. If you would like to attend such a tour please see below. Most tours are one day. Please note that these tours are not the same as the underground tours, unless a special class tour has been set-up.

For class information please be aware there is a much steeper cost due to accreditation received from Portland State University. The classes are mainly designed as continuing education credits for teachers. For more information on classes see the Class home page. Thank you.

Important Notice: Participants must be prepared to begin on time and bring the following: sack lunch & snacks; $10 for museum fees, if needed; extra money in case of emergencies; proper dress and shoes to fit the weather conditions & season. Optional: camera & film. Please call (503) 622-4798 (Michael) or (503) 658-6233 (Nita) for information or registration.

Signing Up For A Tour

To sign up for a tour you must register with Cascade Geographic Society ahead of time. If you have further questions about how to read the descriptions, dates or times please contact us. If you have specific questions about a certain class please contact Michael or Nita directly at (503) 622-4798 or (503) 658-6233.


Underground Tours are scheduled year-round -- we never close!

Underground Tours are updated every week!


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