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There are no more classes being offered through Cascade Geographic Society for Portland State University credit. Michael P. Jones has decided to devote this time to writing and publishing, as well as working on films and other multi-media projects.

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Cascade Geographic Society and Michael will, of course, continue working with schools, as they have done during the past thirty years. We will continue offering tours of the “Shanghai Tunnels” (the infamous “Portland Underground”), in-school historical presentations and storytelling programs, tours of the Oregon Trail, etc.

Our living history village on Mount Hood at Rhododendron, situated right on the Barlow Trail segment of the Oregon Trail that crossed over the Cascade Mountain Range, known as the “Oregon Country Settlement”, is now open for storytelling programs and special workshops. These will take place in a Native American Plank Lodge --- complete with totem poles, carvings, and a fire pit. Offered are stories of the Oregon Trail and Northwest Indian myths and legends.

For further information, please contact the Cascade Geographic Society by calling (503) 622-4798. Or, email us at

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