To print registration form for a class - please click on the "PSU Registration form" link below.

Use the following instructions to print the form:

PSU Registration form -- When new window opens please follow the instructions below:

1-Select "File-Print" So that a print dialogue box appears.

2-Click the "Properties" box so that a dialogue box appears that relates to your printer properties.

3-Be sure to select "Landscape" view, (The default is generally "Portrait" which is not correct in this case).

4-Click "OK" which should take you back to the original dialogue box for printing.

5-Set Print Range for "pages from 1 to 1" 

6-Click "OK" and watch the form print

7-Close the window

Thank you for using this online print registration form

All forms should be completed out and mailed to:

Mike Jones
c/o Cascade Geographic Society
P.O. Box 398
Rhododendron, OR 97049

Payment Notice:

Please make out one check (to P.S.U.) or pay with your credit card. You need to do this separately for each class. Check or credit card must be processed through Cascade Geographic Society, and must be received prior to the second class date. Payments not received by the second class date may delay official registration and credit/grade. Please call (503) 622-4798 (Michael) or (503) 658-6233 (Nita) for information or registration.

We do not have a minimum enrollment number, so we almost never cancel classes.
Pre-registration is encouraged before the first class session.
Call (503) 622-4798 for registration and information.

2003 by Cascade Geographic Society.


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