General Class Information

Cascade Geographic Society (CGS) is a non-profit organization. Each school quarter CGS offers classes taught by Michael P. Jones and certified through Portland State University.


If you would like to attend a class to earn continuing education credits please read the information below.

Anyone may attend the classes, including spouses. For more details please call (503) 622-4798. Each class is generally two days in length and is primarily designed as continuing education credit for teachers.

Signing Up For A Class

To sign up for a class you must register with Cascade Geographic Society (CGS).


CGS will register you through Portland State University.  You can call CGS directly at (503) 622-4798 or you can print out a registration form on-line and mail it in. To print out a form on-line please use the following link:

 PSU Class Registration Form   


If you have questions regarding typographical errors in the listings or if you need help printing the registration form please contact our webmaster. If you have questions about registration, changes, or weather delays; or if you need more specific information about a class please contact Mike or Nita directly at (503) 622-4798 or (503) 658-6233.


Payment Notice 

Please make out one check to PSU or pay with your credit card. You need to do this separately for each class. All payments must be processed through Cascade Geographic Society, and must be received prior to the second class date. Payments not received by then may delay official registration and credit/grade. Please call (503) 622-4798 (Michael) or (503) 658-6233 (Nita) with questions or for more information regarding registration.


Links to Class Schedules - these will become active as information becomes available

WINTER  (Jan - Mar)
SPRING  (April - May)
SUMMER  (June - Aug)
AUTUMN  (Sept - Dec)



If you do not need the credits but would still like some general information about any of the topics covered please consider signing up for a tour rather than a class.  Mike offers one-day tours for a reduced cost.
Please see the
main tour page for more information.  Thank you.




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