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10th Annual Mount Hood Salmon & Mushroom Festival  October 6 and 7, 2001
Celebrating Nature's Unique Foods at the Mount Hood Salmon & Mushroom Festival 
"Mount Hood Grilling Competition" --- Saturday, October 6th, 2001
"Oregon State Chili Championship" --- Sunday, October 7th, 2001
Cascade Geographic Society's Autumn 2001 Tours
Tours & Other Special Educational Programs
156th Anniversary of the Barlow Trail
"Mt. Hood's Old-Growth Wilderness Odyssey"
Want To Tour Portland's Infamous Underground?
How You and Your Family or Organization Can Keep Wildlife From Being Killed On Roads
Environmental & Oregon Trail Projects In Need of Volunteers
Storytelling Programs
Rhododendron Meadow

Cascade Geographic Society's 10th Annual Mount Hood Salmon & Mushroom Festival 
(A Unique Celebration of the Northwest's Special Bounty of Salmon & Wild Mushrooms)
October 6th (Saturday) and October 7th (Sunday) 
Noon to 5 p.m. --- Free Admission! Free Parking!
Held At:
Mt. Hood Village
65000 East U.S. Highway 26 
Village of Brightwood, Oregon
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Call (503) 622-4798 for information!

Celebrating Nature's Unique Foods 
at Cascade Geographic Society's Mount Hood Salmon & Mushroom Festival 
The majority of the annual Mount Hood Salmon & Mushroom Festival will be held indoors, with the remainder beneath shelters and in a large tent, so weather conditions will not be a dependent factor. This is the place to come to escape the unpredictable Autumn season, to have a good time, and to listen to some great Folk music performed by some incredible singer-songwriters from the Portland Metropolitan Area.

The Mount Hood Salmon & Mushroom Festival celebrates our rich bounty of Nature. It features exhibits on Salmon, Wild Mushrooms, and other natural resources. In addition, there will be a chili and barbecue competition, as well as a tour of the Old Mount Hood Loop Highway by vintage and classic cars. 

Also featured at the Mount Hood Salmon & Mushroom Festival will be the ever-popular Wild Huckleberry milkshakes. In addition, there will be Huckleberry jam and other Wildberry jams like Elderberry, Chokecherry, Pacific Coast Cranberry, Wild Plum, and Wild Blackberry. The Cascade Geographic Society will be also selling their own labeled jams, featuring a beautiful photograph of a close-up of Wild Huckleberries in a Native American basket with a tipi in the background.

Due to the emphasis on food at the Mount Hood Salmon & Mushroom Festival, flavored mustards will also be featured. The Cascade Geographic Society's own label will include "Mount Hood Herb & Garlic Dijon", "Cascade Extra Hot & Sweet Habanero", "Waterfall Orange & Ginger Honey", and "Sandy River Honey Hot-Sweet", which are ideal for sandwiches and for cooking.

The Cascade Geographic Society will also be selling their own labeled trail mixes. These include the "Oregon Trail Mix", the "Bear & Wolf Trail Mix", and the "Barlow Trail Mix", which are perfect for modern-day travelers undertaking both the most simple and difficult of journeys.

On Saturday, October 6th, featured at the Mount Hood Salmon & Mushroom Festival will be the "Mount Hood Grilling Competition". True to the ingredients of their secret barbecue sauce, participants are coming from far and wide in an attempt to win this competition where they will have to grill everything from salmon to chicken, to sausage to ribs, and, of course, mushrooms.

On Sunday, October 7th, the Year 2001 Mount Hood Salmon & Mushroom Festival will also feature the "Oregon State Chili Cook-Off Championship". Participants will be trying out their secret recipes in an attempt to win. The first and second place winners will be sent to the national championship which will be held in Terlingua, Texas in the year 2002.

The Mount Hood Salmon & Mushroom Festival is the place to be if you want a delicious Salmon bake, good 'ol down-home music, booths featuring mushrooms, a cookbook featuring delicious and very unique and creative Salmon and Mushroom dishes, arts and crafts featuring natural resources from the Pacific Northwest, photographic displays, information booths, educational exhibits, and much more. 

The Year 2001 marks the tenth year of Cascade Geographic Society's Mount Hood Salmon & Mushroom Festival, which calls attention to the rich heritage of our natural resources. For further information, contact the Society at (503) 622Š4798; Or, write: P.O. Box 398, Rhododendron, Oregon 97049.

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"Mount Hood Grilling Competition" --- Saturday, October 6th, 2001

"Oregon State Chili Championship" --- Sunday, October 7th, 2001

For additional information on the "Oregon State Chili Championship" & 
the "Mount Hood Barbecue Cook-Off", please contact: 
Steve Price at (503) 252-1897,
or, email him at: sdlvprice@webtv.net.
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If You'd Like to be a Judge at the
"Oregon State Chili Championship" and/or 
"Mount Hood Grilling Competition" at the
"Mount Hood Salmon & Mushroom Festival"
give Steve Price a call at (503) 252-2897!
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 Cascade Geographic Society's Autumn 2001 Tours
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Lewis & Clark-Native American Trail of Discovery: Sauvie Island to Deer Island 

Historic Ethnic Communities of Old Town 

Lower Willamette River Haunted Places & Folklore

Folklore & Ghost Stories of Mt. Hood's Oregon Trail Landscapes 

Portland Architectural Landmarks & Mansions: A History of Elegance & Folklore 

For specifics see the tour home page.
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~ Tours & Other Special Educational Programs ~
Tour Mount Hood's Infamous Oregon Trail With Your Family or Group This Autumn

Through the years, it has become tradition for many organizations to visit the Oregon Trail on Mount Hood with the Cascade Geographic Society, and this would be an ideal adventure for you. Bring history alive by taking advantage of this opportunity where you can follow in the wake of the "Prairie Schooners". The sites that will be visited during this day-long excursion include emigrant graves and campsites, wagon ruts and swales, primary and secondary routes, tollgates, stream "fords", and much more, including the infamous Big Laurel Hill where pioneers were forced to lower their covered wagons down over its dangerously-steep cliffs. This special interpretative tour will be enhanced with multi-cultural stories of the past about the Indians, the emigrant travelers, and the African-American pioneers who came West. This is a very popular tour so sign-up early and reserve a day by calling (503) 622-4798.
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156th Anniversary of the Barlow Trail

The Autumn of 2001 marks the 156th Anniversary of the first toll road over the Cascade Mountain Range. Known as the Barlow Trail, this was the final overland link of the Oregon Trail that allowed emigrant travelers a cheaper but far more dangerous alternative to rafting their covered wagons down the Columbia River. 

In 1845, the wagon parties of Samuel Kimbrough Barlow, Joel Palmer, and William Rector joined together and attempted to make the first crossing of the 11,235-foot Mt. Hood by widening an Ancient Indian trail. From mid-September through December, they battled their way through the thick timber of the Mountain's southern flank, and failed. They had to cache their "Prairie Schooners" and most of their possessions in a crudely-made log cabin, and hiked out. They didn't reach Oregon City until Christmas Day. The following year, after Barlow received a charter from the Provisional Government of Oregon, plus $4,500, he started charging a toll for the privilege of traveling over this rough wilderness path. Travelers taking this route was required, amongst other things, to lower their wagons down the steep cliffs of Big Laurel Hill with ropes. 

Today, with the expertise of an interpreter with the Cascade Geographic Society, experience this unique and colorful history by visiting emigrant campsites, graves, tollgates, wagon ruts and swales, and even the infamous Big Laurel Hill, the worst section of the 2,000-plus mile Oregon Trail. Or, study Old-Growth Forests, wetlands, Wild Rivers, Salmon and wildlife habitats, ethno botany, environmental issues, and more, all located alongside this historic trail. 

Give the Cascade Geographic Society a call at (503) 622-4798 for further information and details. We'll work with you to develop just the right tour for you.
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Coming...In the Future...
Living History on the Oregon Trail at our 
"Oregon Country Settlement ". 
Call (503) 622-4798 for Information!
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Experience With Your Family or Group "Mt. Hood's Old-Growth Wilderness Odyssey"
This Autumn Season 

Experience "Mt. Hood's Old-Growth Wilderness Odyssey" with your class. Participants will learn about both the Rivers and the Forests in this inter-disciplinary approach. Spend the day in a 33-acre Old-Growth Forest, complete with a Lake, a River, Wetlands, and lots of Wildlife and Salmon. This unique outdoor classroom will allow you to look at Nature in a very unique way! We'll design a program to fit your needs. Call (503) 622-4798 for specific details.
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Visit Mount Hood's Oregon Trail!
Autumn, Winter, or Spring! Call (503) 622-4798.
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For Tours of the infamous 
Portland Underground 
(the Shanghai Tunnels)
Call (503) 622-4798.
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Want To Tour Portland's Infamous Underground 
(the Infamous Shanghai Tunnels)?

Beneath the streets of Downtown Portland"s waterfront lie the remains of an infamous history that represents the remnants of an untold history of human rights violations at their worst. Unsuspecting victims who had little or no ties to their families, and who frequented the saloons and other places of lesser reputations, would find themselves dropped through trapdoors into basements where they were held hostage for a period of time until they were finally taken through tunnels to the wharfs and sold to sea captains ready to leave port. It was a time when the Rose City was "wide open" and police and political corruption were common but rarely discussed openly. 

Roughly from 1850 to 1941, shanghaiers who sold men for "blood money", had little or no interference from the outside. Commonly referred to as "Wharf Rats" or "Land Sharks", these merciless shanghaiers controlled the city's harbors to the point that Portland became known as the "Worst Port in the World" for this skullduggery. 

Today, you can visit the infamous "Portland Underground" with the Cascade Geographic Society. This unique adventure into the historical world of shanghaiing, is quickly becoming known as one of the best tours around. 

For additional information, please give the Cascade Geographic Society a call (503) 622-4798. And, due to our workload, if you get our voicemail, to insure a quick response, be sure to leave both a daytime and evening number with the hours you can be reached.
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Located on Mount Hood's Oregon Trail, "Stage Stop Road Interpretative Center" is awaiting the arrival of you and your class! For the study of western migration, Native American culture, wildlife, Old-Growth, and other natural resources, this is the place to visit. Small, but packed with information, set an appointment at (503) 622-4798.
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Storytelling is alive and well!
Call us at (503) 622-4798 today!
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How You and Your Family or Organization Can Keep Wildlife From Being Killed On Roads

You and your family or organization can assist the Cascade Geographic Society from keeping wildlife from being killed on roads in the Mount Hood Area by sponsoring a "Wild Animal Warning Reflector". These unique devices are placed along roads in wildlife migration corridors and are beneficial to the animals during the high-kill periods, which is between dusk and dawn. When the light of the on-coming traffic passes this section of road that has the "relector" mounted on a 3-foot post, Deer, Elk, Bear, Cougar, Bobcat, Coyote, Raccoons, and other wild animals will wait until the vehicle(s) pass. The cost is only $20 a reflector. This is a great class project. Every reflector makes a difference. This is a great and critical fund-raising project! For additional information how you can help, please call (503) 622-4798 or email us at cgsmthood.teleport.com. Or, write us at: Save Our Wildlife, P.O. Box 398, Rhododendron, Oregon 97049.
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Learn More About Our Special 
Educational Festivals & Events.
Call (503) 622-4798 for Information or
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Environmental & Oregon Trail Projects In Need of Volunteers

Each year, over 350 dedicated volunteers from Portland Metropolitan Area has assisted us in restoring the natural environment, sections of the Oregon Trail, or in doing other important work that helps both history and Mother Nature. However, much more work is left to be done. If you want to contribute some volunteer time to benefit fish and wildlife, we could surely utilize you and your talents. 

Many things have contributed to the poor conditions of our Northwest, and we still have fish and wildlife habitats in need of enhancement or restoration. Help Salmon and wildlife species by lending Cascade Geographic Society a hand. Project sites vary and can range from Mount Hood (which is a major focal point), to the Columbia and Willamette Rivers to Sauvie Island.

Important historical sites like the Barlow Trail (the Oregon Trail segment over Mount Hood) is being consumed by non-Native plants. Restoration is critical in order to bring native vegetation back. 

If interested, please get in touch with the Cascade Geographic Society. Give Nita Kreuzer, Volunteer Coordinator, a call at (503) 658-6233 [evenings].
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The Cascade Geographic Society is constantly always setting up New Tours & Educational Opportunities.
To avoid missing out, please consider having our tour schedule emailed, faxed, or even mailed to you directly.
Contact us at (503) 622-4798
or email us at: 
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For Huckleberry Jam and other Wildberry Products, as well as dried Wild Mushrooms, 
give us a call at (503) 622-4798!
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Storytelling Programs

The Cascade Geographic Society can provide a professional storyteller for your organization, a workshop, a seminar, or other gatherings. Specializing in Native American myths, true stories of the Oregon Trail and the Mountain Men- told in period clothing and utilizing the music and artifacts of those times of long ago, around a special indoor campfire --- history does come alive! Reserve a performance for Northwest Indian Myths and Legends, a lone storyteller in period clothing or the complete program with Indian drumming, singing, dancing, and storytelling. Or, Tales of the Oregon Trail, featuring a storyteller in period clothing, retelling the famous and infamous stories of this ancient 2000-plus mile trail of the Indians and the "Prairie Schooners". In addition, there are many other programs that feature oral tradition such as the Following: Tall Tales of the Pacific Northwest and Stories of Other Oddities (true or not, these stories are part of the folklore of this most unique geographic area); Taming the New Eden (Stories of Settling the Willamette Valley) (the oral history of the American Indians and the others who emigrated West -- the Oregon Trail pioneers, the missionaries, the Chinese, the African-Americans, the Gypsies, and others); Tales of Old Oregon (stories of its history and how this geographic region became a state); and more.
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Call Cascade Geographic Society (503-622-4798) 
for Additional Information or for Tour Registrations! 
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Rhododendron Meadow
Rhododendron Meadow is a special place that has been preserved by the  Cascade Geographic Society as part of their  "Sanctuary Lands Program"  for future generations. This 14.5 acres that is a natural, cultural, and historical treasure, is an ideal place for your class for field research, whether its studying its Anadromous Fish Streams,
Wetlands, Open Meadows, or Forests. If you have a research need,  please give us a call at (503) 622-4798.
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Tour Opportunities!

„ Portland Underground (Infamous Shanghai Tunnels)
„ Mount Hood's Infamous Oregon Trail Tour
„ Mount Hood's Old-Growth Wilderness Odyssey
„ Lewis & Clark Trail Tours „ Pioneer Cemetery Tours 
„ Custom-Designed Tours (we'll create one to meet your needs)

Special Programs!

„ Storytelling --- Native American Mythology, Tales of Oregon Trail, and More...
„ Storytelling Workshops 
„ Holiday Tales From Old Oregon 
„ Special History Presentations
„ Living History Presentations
„ Custom-Designed Programs 
(We'll create one especially for your needs!)

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Volunteer Opportunities for You 
& Your Family or Group!

„ Mount HoopÕs Public Lands Clean-Up 
„ Portland Underground Restoration Projects 
„ Mount HoodÕs Oregon Trail Restoration Projects
„ Fish & Wildlife Habitat Restoration Projects
„ And Much More... 

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