at who is scheduled for the "Great Northwest Music" stage this year:



Southern Nights (Original Folk Acoustic Americana)


Theresa Demarest (Jazz, Blues, Folk)


Lyle Ford (Folk Americana)


Old Friends (Acoustic Folk)


Vivian's Keeper (Acoustic Folk)


Bill Bloomer Trio (Musical Postcards From the Edge)


Bill Wood and Friends (Acoustic Pop)


Judith Adams (Contemporary Folk)


Megan Colleen (Country)


Donna Jose (Folk)


Brent Rogers (Folk Rock)


Back Up & Push (Traditional American Folk, Western Swing, Appalachian, & Celtic).


Doug & Dana Fulton (Folk)


Ben Eaton (American Blues & Folk)

Click to see the Performance Schedule, subject to change with out notice.

The "Great Northwest Music" at the Mount Hood Huckleberry Festival & Barlow Trail Days is sponsored by: Green Swings Production, Portland Songwriters Association, and Positively Entertainment & Dining.

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Friday, August 27th:

bullet8 a.m. -- Megan Colleen.
bullet9 a.m. -- Megan Colleen.
bullet10 a.m. -- ?
bullet11 a.m. -- ?
bulletNoon -- Ben Eaton.
bullet1 p.m. -- Ben Eaton.
bullet2 p.m. -- Ben Eaton.
bullet3 p.m. -- Ben Eaton.
bullet4 p.m. -- ?
bullet5 p.m. to 7 p.m. -- Famous & Infamous Sites of the Barlow Trail Tour. [FREE CARPOOL TOUR!]
bullet5 p.m. -- ?
bullet6 p.m. -- ?
bullet7 p.m. -- ?

Saturday, August 28th:

bullet8 a.m. -- Megan Colleen.
bullet9 a.m. -- Megan Colleen.
bullet10 a.m. -- ?
bullet11 a.m. -- Bill Woods & Friends.
bulletNoon -- Southern Knights.
bullet1 p.m. -- Vivian's Keeper.
bullet2 p.m. -- ?
bullet2 p.m. -- World's Record-Breaking Watermelon Launch. [Behind Fitness Center!]
bullet3 p.m. -- Southern Knights.
bullet4 p.m. -- Doug & Donna Fulton.
bullet5 p.m. -- Columbia River Dance Troupe [Traditional Northwest Indian Dancing, Singing, Drumming, & Storytelling.]
bullet5:45 p.m. -- Huckleberry Ceremony [A Native American Tradition.]
bullet6:30 p.m. -- Big Laurel Hill Tour (Worst site on the Oregon Trail) [FREE CARPOOL TOUR!]

Sunday, August 29th:

bullet8 a.m. -- Megan Colleen.
bullet9 a.m. -- Megan Colleen.
bullet10 a.m. -- Old Friends.
bullet10 a.m. -- Barlow Trail Parade (meeting site to be announced).
bullet11 a.m. -- Barlow Trail Horse & Wagon Show (meeting site to be announced).
bullet11 a.m. -- Judith Adams.
bulletNoon -- Brent Rogers.
bullet1 p.m. -- Bill Bloomer Trio
bullet2 p.m. -- Columbia River Dance Troupe [Traditional Northwest Indian Dancing, Singing, Drumming, & Storytelling.]
bullet3 p.m. -- Theresa Demarest.
bullet4:00 p.m. -- Lyle Ford.



Performer Bios

Theresa Demarest

Theresa Demarest is a singer-songwriter whose style of music could be called "Neo-Folk/Jazz-Fused-With-Blues." The message in her music is creating positive change in the environment through music.

Demarest is an award-winning singer-songwriter who performs with the band "Good Company." Together, they have three CDís. Recently, they went back into the studio to create their Theresa Demarest & Good Company Live in Concert CD titled "Keikoís Dream" on Joshua Records.

The title song of the CD, "Keikoís Dream," is dedicated to Keiko, the Killer Whale, who was rescued from a zoo in Mexico, taken to Newport, Oregon for rehabilitation, and is now in a special sea pen located in his native waters in Iceland. This tune is an original instrumental piece that is dedicated to this cetacean and evokes this mammalís song and his ultimate dream of being released. Theresa Demarest & Good Company is utilizing "Keikoís Dream" as a centerpiece of their recent tour.

The "Keikoís Dream" CD is available at Music Millennium, Tower Records, Borders Books & Music, and Locals Only in Portland, Oregon. If you are on the Pacific Coast, itís on sale at the Words, Inc. store at the Cannon Beach Information Center.

For more information on "Theresa Demarest & Good Company," call or fax (503) 235-6072. Their toll free message phone is 1-888-771-6893. Or, visit their website at:


Email Joshua Records at theresad@teleport.com


Lyle Ford

Professional musicians in the Portland Metropolitan Area have paid more dues than people will probably ever know, as they struggle to get somewhere in their career. For over twenty years, the gifted guitarist and vocalist, Lyle Ford, has done his time performing in bands and duos, or just "by his lonesome" up on stage as a solo act.

Ford is a songwriter who puts poetry to music. Some refer to him as a folksinger, while others claim he really touches Country, and still others claim that itís Soft Rock. Call his sound what you will, but no one can dispute that he is one of the best around these parts.

The twenty-year career of Ford is blessed with a CD on MDR Records that should be a must-listen-to. If youíre in the mood to hear real talent, both in the vocals and songwriting department, you need to give a serious listen to this self-titled creation called "Lyle Stephen Ford."

"Lyle Stephen Ford" is one of those CDís that features simply beautiful songs that youíll want to listen to in any kind of mood. With twelve of the thirteen featured tunes written by Ford, and the thirteenth co-written by Ford and Russ Fast Lyrics, the result is nothing short of great.

Ford, who studied music at Marylhurst College near Lake Oswego, Oregon, clearly has demonstrated his abilities on this CD. Not only can he write some darn good lyrics, but he can also write the appropriate music to go with them.

"Lyle Stephen Ford" is available at Tower Records, Music Millenium, and at Locals Only. In addition, you can call MDR Records direct at (503) 287-3975 or you can also order by mail by writing: MDR Records, 1920 N. Vancouver, Portland, Oregon 97227. The cost is $15 for the CD, or $10 for a cassette, with a $3 shipping charge. All major credit cards are welcome.


Southern Nights

"Southern Nights" performs original songs and those heart-felt ballads,

musically-fashioned like you use to hear. Their vocals are like those of the "Sons of the Pioneers," only with intelligent lyrics.

This Northwest trio is becoming known for their beautiful harmonies, well-crafted, and tender and sweet songs that run the gamut from the romantic to the serious, to the down right funny. They perform acoustic originals that seem to appeal to just about everyone, despite their preferences in music.

"Southern Nights" is comprised of three talented individuals who know their way around the stage and the microphone. Together, they have performed at "The Bite" and on the "Rose Festival Main Stage" in Portland, the "Stormy Weather Arts Festival" in Cannon Beach, and at clubs such as Rudyís and the Dublin Pub. They are also regular performers at the Cascade Geographic Societyís "Mount Hood Huckleberry Festival & Barlow Trail Days" and their "Mount Hood Salmon & Mushroom Festival."

"Southern Nights" features the talents of Wayne Richards, Carolyn Laster, and Cheri Brown. The awards for this outstanding acoustic trio are beginning to mount up as more and more people begin to discover them. They won the Key Largo Showcase, performed at the "Song of the Year Award Show," were the audience favorite at the "New Tune Nite Show," were a recent finalist at the "Washington County Fair Talent Show," and won recording time at Sound Impressions Recording.

Wayne Richards is a singer/songwriter with a long tradition of performing, recording, and publishing. He has several award-winning songs, including "So Easy," which placed in the finals at the "Portland Songwriters Association Showcase," and "Blossoms of May" that took second in the "Dallas, Texas Songwriters Association All State Gospel Competition." He is the host of The Wayneís World Coffee House in Lake Oswego, where he introduces some top level acts to new audiences. He is a frequent guest at the "Spotlight Night" at Key Largo New Tune Night in Oregon City, and is currently the President of the Portland Songwriters Association. For the past two years he has been the mainstay at the Prestigious "Stormy Weather Arts Festival" on the Oregon Coast where he teams up with the talents of Carolyn Laster and Cheri Brown of "Southern Nights."

Carolyn Laster is an accomplished writer, a in-demand studio session singer, and radio talk show host. She is a national award-winning singer with an impressive range and an almost magical quality to her voice. She was a member of a "Regional Touring Champion Accapella Quartet," and was invited to perform at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall and at the Superdome in New Orleans. She is the President of GreenSwing Productions, and has created Portlandís finest Showcase event at Key Largo -- introducing original songs to new audiences. All of this seems to add to her beautiful harmonies and lead vocals to "Southern Nights," as well as leads to interesting and provocative songwriting.

Cheri Brown is an accomplished session singer, who is also a "Regional Champion Acappella Chorus," and a member of the "Regional Touring Champion Accapella Quartet." Her group was selected to perform in the Multi-ethnic "Good in the Hood" production. She was accepted as a performer at Portlandís famous "Singing Christmas Tree," and was one of the touring singers who entertained in Europe. Her perfect sense of timing, wonderful range, and world class ear, has given her the opportunity to open for "Manhattan Transfer," and for "Roy Clark." She adds an amazing range of experience and vocal gifts to "Southern Nights."

The performances of "Southern Nights" gives you toe-tappin music, dynamite songs with clever lyrics, all laced together with some exquisite romantic ballads. When this trio takes to the stage, all ears tend to tune-in as they take charge of the entertainment...which is gosh darn good.

You can order "Soup Surprise," the CD recently recorded by "Southern Nights," by sending $15, plus $1.50 for shipping and handling, to: 12725 S.E. Salmon, Portland, Oregon 97233. Or, you can call (503) 939-1025. TOP


Bill Wood & Friends

Bill Wood has been a persistent face on the coffee and club scene in the Portland Metropolitan Area. He was the former front person for "Las Cucaraches del Muerte," which plays a unique wavy acoustic shtick which provides the bedding for his byzantine lyrics.

"My songs are like walking into a very expensive hotel and staring into the corners." Wood says that he was electrified into songwriting after seeing the late-Curly Spats perform. "He turned an entire stadium into a single, massive being."

Wood lives on a small farm with his wife and son in Clackamas County. His first CD, "Wild In The Galiuroís," was released last June on the Gnomewerx label, which is available at Music Millenium and Locals Only in Portland, Oregon. TOP


Bill Bloomer Trio

Bill Bloomer is a guitar-totin' singer-songwriter who has the knack to write and sing straight "from the heart". With words from his garden of creativity, his debut CD titled "Temple Dogs" was released last year.

"Temple Dogs" was produced by Robert Brown and features twelve captivating, and thought-provoking, songs that were written by Bloomer. The CD clearly reveals the talents of this tunesmith, who has been a finalist in past years in the "Portland Songwriter Association Annual Competition."

Bloomer is a world traveler who has played his music in a variety of venues. This includes clubs in Mexico and even in the subways and parks in France. These experiences have helped him with his songwriting, he said. And, whenever he needs to, he'll reach back into his recollections and fit these anecdotes into the words of his tunes.

"Some songs just seem to write themselves" said Bloomer, matter-of-factly. [They seem to] just jump out of the swamps at you. "Then there are those that you have to pull out by the ears."

Bloomer moved to Portland from San Miguel De Allende, in Southern Mexico, not too many years ago. Armed with a 1930 Gibson acoustic guitar (an extremely rare LOD model), he sought out the necessary nurturing from a friendly environment that all songwriters need when they start to get real serious about their music. For this singer-songwriter, the result was "Temple Dogs."

The singer-songwriter will be joined on stage by a couple of friends. Together, the trio will be performing songs from "Temple Dogs" and others from Bloomerís collection of originals. 


Back Up & Push

Performing Traditional American Folk music that touches on Western Swing, but dabbles in Appalachian with a smattering of Celtic, is "Back Up & Push," whose name comes from the title of a Folk song. Lead by Scottish-born Phil Todd, who now lives on the western slopes of Oregonís Mount Hood, this band is relatively new, but brings to the stage many years of experience from a variety of musical styles.

The members of "Back Up & Push" include the following: Phil Todd on fiddle, banjo, and mandalin; June Olson on acoustic bass; Rusty Reagan on acoustic guitar, who was formerly with the "Bo Cody Band" the past 20 years; Suzie Anderson on fiddle, who is a trained classical violinist who had performed with the Mount Hood Pops Orchestra, but then switched to Folk music; and Hannah Todd, a former classical pianist and guitarist who changed over to Folk music many years ago. TOP


Megan Colleen

"Megan Colleen" is an upcoming country performer, who has set her goal on reaching the top the right way. She is 20 years old and makes her home in Clackamas, Oregon.

The talented Colleen has been singing since her sophomore year in high school, while she was involved in leadership camps during the summers. In her senior year she won the most talented for her singing, and even performed at the Schnitzer in Portland for her graduation.

Colleen has pursued her musical career with a passion since graduating from high school, but while working and attending college. Her performances include: the Portland Marriott Hotel, Detroit Lake State Park, Clackamette Park Fair, Washington County Fair, Milwaukie Daze, the Clark County Fair in Washington, Chautauqua Festival in Gladstone, and the Carnegie Art Center in Oregon City.

Interviewed by KWJJ Radio, as well as having several of her songs played on KBOO Radio in Portland, audiences in the states of Oregon and Washington are beginning to discover Colleenís Country sound. Gradually, this young vocalist is establishing herself and is a vocalist to keep your eyes on and your ears tuned to, as her career keeps moving forward.


Doug and Dana Fulton