Oregon Trail Spring Tour Sites

The Winter Season provides more realism to the Oregon Trail over Mount Hood, because the emigrants were traveling in inclement weather. We never begin before March 1st, but this still means that snow will most likely be present. So, students must dress for the weather and have warm clothing, preferably water-proof boots, gaitors (which can be made out of plastic grocery bags), gloves, and a waterproof coat (which can be accomplished by cutting out sections of a plastic garbage bag) to allow one's head and arms to go through).

The sites visited during the tour include:

~ Tollgate
~ Big Laurel Hill
~ Zig Zag Campground
~ Rock Corral
~ Rhododendron Meadow Oregon Trail Segment
~ Sandy River Segment
~ Oregon Trail Welches Segment
~ Oregon Trail Wemme Segment
~ Oregon Trail Wildwood Segment
~ Oregon Trail Cedar Ridge Segments
~ Oregon Trail campsites
~ Wagon ruts and swales
~ Primary and secondary Oregon Trail routes
~ Stream "fords"

If you have questions, comments or concerns please feel free to contact the Cascade Geographical Society.

Cascade Geographic Society
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Rhododendron, Oregon 97049
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