The Cascade Geographic Society can provide a professional storyteller for your class, organization, workshop, seminar, or other gatherings. Specializing in Native American myths, true stories of the Oregon Trail and the Mountain Men- told in period clothing and utilizing the music and artifacts of those times of long ago, around a special indoor campfire - history does come alive!

 Reserve a performance for "Native American Myths and Legends of the Northwest", a lone storyteller in period clothing or the complete program with Indian drumming, singing, dancing, and storytelling.

Or, Tales of the Oregon Trail, featuring a storyteller in period clothing, retelling the famous and infamous stories of this ancient 2000-plus mile trail of the Indians and the "Prairie Schooners".

 In addition, there are many other programs that feature oral tradition such as the following: Tall Tales of the Pacific Northwest and Stories of Other Oddities (true or not, these stories are part of the folklore of this most unique geographic area); Taming the New Eden (Stories of Settling the Willamette Valley), the oral history of the American Indians and the others who emigrated West -- (the Oregon Trail pioneers, the missionaries, the Chinese, the African-Americans, the Gypsies, and others); Tales of Old Oregon (stories of its history and how this geographic region became a state); and more. Call Cascade Geographic Society (503-622-4798) for Additional Information or for Tour Registrations! 



We offer a special half-day, one, two, or three-day workshop that teaches you how to not only tell stories, but how to write stories. This special process, Writing Oral Tradition, combines various disciplines -- language arts, drama, speech, history, etc. The sessions include storytelling performances, classroom presentations (such as oral traditions in the Northwest, North America, and around the world, the art and techniques of storytelling, the use of props, blending music and dance, the use of research in storytelling, the process of writing stories, editing stories, etc.), and more. The production of a hardbound book of stories is also an option in this very unique workshop for both educators and their students.

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