The majority of the annual Mount Hood Salmon & Mushroom Festival will be held indoors, with the reminder beneath shelters and in a large tent, so weather conditions will not be a dependent factor. This is the place to come to escape the unpredictable Autumn season, to have a good time, and to listen to some great Folk music performed by some incredible singer-songwriters from the Portland Metropolitan Area.

The Mount Hood Salmon & Mushroom Festival celebrates our rich bounty of Nature. It features exhibits on Salmon, Wild Mushrooms, and other natural resources. In addition, there will be a chili and barbecue competition, as well as a tour of the Old Mount Hood Loop Highway by vintage and classic cars.

The activities of the Mount Hood Salmon & Mushroom Festival are suitable for the entire family. They include a Native American Salmon Bake, food vendors, arts and craft booths, folk and contemporary music, speakers, books on Salmon and Mushrooms, Salmon habitat walks, and Mushroom identification and safety, as well as information on the Northwest's Salmon and Wild Mushrooms.

Also featured at the Mount Hood Salmon & Mushroom Festival will be the ever-popular Wild Huckleberry milkshakes and sundaes. In addition, there will be Huckleberry jam and other Wildberry jams like Elderberry, Chokecherry, Pacific Coast Cranberry, Wild Plum, and Wild Blackberry. The Cascade Geographic Society will be also selling their own labeled jams featuring a beautiful photograph of a close-up of Wild Huckleberries in a Native American basket with a tipi in the background.

The Mount Hood Salmon & Mushroom Festival is a place to gather educational and informational materials on our natural resources, including, of course, our Salmon and Mushrooms. It will also be an opportunity for individuals to learn about the functions of government agencies and environmental organizations, and even what schools are doing.

Once again, this year's Mount Hood Salmon & Mushroom Festival will have a large tent for arts and crafts vendors, in addition to those stationed indoors with the music, and special exhibits. With these special facilities, rain will have a difficult time dampening the spirits of this special Indian Summer gathering.

The Mount Hood Salmon & Mushroom Festival is the place to be if you want a delicious Native American-style Salmon bake, good 'ol down-home music, booths featuring mushrooms, a cookbook featuring delicious and very unique and creative Salmon and Mushroom dishes, arts and crafts featuring natural resources from the Pacific Northwest, photographic displays, information booths, educational exhibits, and much more.

For further information, contact the Society at (503) 6224798; Or, write: P.O. Box 398, Rhododendron, Oregon 97049.