Cascade Geographic Society's
1999 Mount Hood Festivals & Events


Mount Hood Oregon Trail Quilt Show & Old-Time Fiddlers Jamboree 
(A heritage exhibition, show, & sale)
(Saturday) July 22nd & (Sunday) July 23rd ~~ 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Mt. Hood Village, 65000 E. U.S. Highway 26, Welches, Oregon

The heritage of our quilting traditions is celebrated in this two-day event. Held in the Village of Welches during the month of July, this special event brings together heritage quilts of the past -- such as those dating back to the days of the Oregon Trail, hand-sewn by those who made the 2,000-plus mile journey westward -- with the artistic quilts of contemporary times. Besides quilts there will be quilted wall hangings, table runners, place mats, pot holders, quillows, throws, baby quilts, tote bags, quilts, and more including demonstrations on quilting, plus storytelling. In addition, the old-time fiddlers will be on hand for concerts and workshops. Free admission! Free parking!


Mount Hood Huckleberry Festival & Barlow Trail Days
(Friday) August 25th, (Saturday) August 26th, & (Sunday) August 27th ~ 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Mt. Hood Village, 65000 East U.S. Highway 26, Welches, Oregon

1840's Oregon Trail emigrant Samuel Welch founded the Village of Welches in the western foothills of Mount Hood in 1880. By 1890 he had modified his two-story farmhouse into a hotel to go along with the campground he had built two years earlier. To celebrate, he decided to hold an annual festival to celebrate the birth of tourism on this Mountain that the Native Americans called "Wy'East." The festivities include free historical tours of the Oregon Trail, original and traditional Folk music, arts and crafts, antiques, historical and natural resource exhibits, and the "Barlow Trail Horse & Wagon Show & Parade." One of the highlights is the "World's Record-Breaking Watermelon Launch," where catapults and other uniquely-designed contraptions launch watermelons and other produce into outer space. There are lots of delicious Huckleberry Pies and Tarts, Huckleberry jams and sauces and a selection of other Wild Berry jams, even fresh Huckleberries. There's an Indian Salmon bake, lots of special foods, Northwest Indian dancing and drumming, storytelling, a "Huckleberry Ceremony," and much, much more. There will be something for the whole family! This three-day event is always held during the month of August the weekend before Labor Day Weekend. Free admission! Free parking!


Mount Hood Salmon & Mushroom Festival
(Saturday) September 30th & (Sunday) October 1st ~ Noon to 5 p.m.
Mt. Hood Village, 65000 East U.S. Highway 26, Welches, Oregon

Two of the Northwest's greatest bounties are the Salmon and Wild Mushrooms, which are the honored celebrities at this festival. This two-day, family-oriented event is held during the month of October to welcome home the return of the Salmon to the streams of Oregon's Mount Hood and the Wild Mushrooms to its forested landscapes. Featured is original Folk music, arts and crafts, exhibits on Salmon and Wild Mushrooms (including Mushroom identification), and great food. There is a Salmon bake and Salmon Habitat Walks, and Wild Mushrooms and Shitake Mushrooms on sale. Free admission! Free parking!


Mount Hood Public Lands Clean-Up
(Saturday) November 4th ~ 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Mt. Hood Village, 65000 East U.S. Highway 26, Welches, Oregon

Held during the month of November before the snow buries Mount Hood's natural landscapes, this is an event where people can give the 11,235-foot peak a special Thanksgiving gift by cleaning up illegal trash dumps. The clean-up sites are located along the Oregon Trail, adjacent to Salmon streams, near Beaver Dams, in big-game Winter range and other wildlife habits, as well as in other places. The participants are rewarded with seemingly unlimited cookies and pastries, and even receive a Certificate of Appreciation. Special music is provided at the awards assembly held after the clean-up. Great for both individuals and families!


Pioneer Harvest Feast ~[Reservations required!]
(Sunday) November 5th ~ 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.
Mt. Hood Village, 65000 East U.S. Highway 26, Welches, Oregon

Held during the month of November to celebrate the bounty of the "Scarecrow Autumn," this is a time of rejoicing the Indian Summer and the coming of the hopefully far-off Winter. Featured is a great Spaghetti dinner with "Anna's Secret Oregon Trail Tomato Sauce," pioneer music, historical exhibits, and storytelling, including some great items for sale that are perfect for picking up for early Christmas gifts. This is an ideal event for the entire family.


Christmas Along The Barlow Trail
(Saturday) December 8th ~ "Oregon Trail Heritage Day" ~ 1 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Oregon Country Settlement, Rhododendron
(Sunday) December 9th ~ "Oregon Trail Heritage Tour" ~ 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Mt. Hood Village, 65000 East U.S. Highway 26, Welches, Oregon

This is a free festive gathering held on Mount Hood that features two special events associated with the history of the Oregon Trail, where it traversed around the Mountain's southern flank. Held on Saturday evening and late-Sunday morning a couple of weeks before Christmas, this is for the entire family.

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