VOLUME 6/NUMBER 4: August, 1999 

"Rhododendron Meadow" Fish Projects Underway
Efforts to aide dwindling runs of Salmon and Steelhead have been underway this Summer at "Rhododendron Meadow" in Henry Creek, a major tributary of the Zig Zag River. This wetland and wildlife habitat is a 14.5 acre natural area that helps make up the Cascade Geographic Society's 18-acre "Sanctuary Lands Program".

For many months the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) has been working with the Society for this first phase of fish enhancement projects. With money secured from the ODFW, and armed with the mandatory permits, the "Rhododendron Meadow" fish enhancement work is probably the most important project of its kind in the Sandy River Basin.

At "Rhododendron Meadow," nine areas of structures (i.e., logs and root wads), which are critical for anadromous fish habitat, are being placed in Henry Creek. In addition, work in a side-channel is also being done, which will provide a Winter refuge for juvenile and adult Salmon and Steelhead escaping floodwaters. 

Due to the sensitivity of the wetlands and riparian areas in "Rhododendron Meadow," a contractor with special equipment has been hired to do the project. Known as a "Spider Trackhoe," this unique piece of equipment has arms resembling a spider's. This work vehicle is not only computerized, but can walk on the land and in the stream like a spider would, without damage to the natural landscape.

According to Michael P. Jones, the Curator and Cultural & Natural Resource Consultant of the Society, the sensitivity of "Rhododendron Meadow" made it necessary to use special heavy equipment on the project. The extra costs of the "Spider Trackhoe" are worth it due to the savings in restoration to the wetlands and stream channel and riparian zone. 

The stream projects at "Rhododendron Meadow" should be finished by the time of the Mount Hood Huckleberry Festival & Barlow Trail Days in August. This coming Autumn, Winter, and Spring will be spent monitoring the progress of the fish enhancement work and planning next year's projects.

Winners Announced For Seaside Condo Raffle
They are well-deserving, long-time members of the "Friends of Cascade Geographic Society," and they are the lucky winners of the Seaside Condo Raffle. Ralph and Elsie Wickham have won this four-day, three-night stay on the Oregon Coast. The Cascade Geographic Society would like to say thank you to all who participated. All money raised goes towards paying-off the mortgage on "Rhododendron Meadow". 

THIS MONTH: Mount Hood Huckleberry Festival & Barlow Trail Days