History of Rhododendron Meadow

In the Autumn of 1998, the Cascade Geographic Society purchased the 14.5 acres in the Village of Rhododendron known as "Rhododendron Meadow". This area, which had never been developed, was going to be turned into condominiums, in spite of the fact that this acreage contained protected federal and state wetlands. The existing zoning of the property unfortunately would enable development to occur.

The Cascade Geographic Society had to mortgage "everything but their souls" in order to purchase "Rhododendron Meadow". Because this wetland area was zoned for development, purchasing the property was the only way to protect both the acreage and its heritage resources.

"Rhododendron Meadow" became part of our "Sanctuary Lands Program". This program was established by the Cascade Geographic Society for the protection of fish and wildlife and their habitats (including Winter Range for big game), wetlands, and riparian areas, as well as cultural and historic resources.

Education was another objective for preserving "Rhododendron Meadow". Its unique resources, consisting of wetlands, riparian areas, streams like Henry Creek, Little Henry Creek, and Meadow Creek, as well as the adjacent Whiskey Jack Creek, not forgetting its fish and wildlife habitats, its segments of the Oregon Trail, and Native American cultural sites, make for an ideal outdoor classroom.