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Are you part of a group that would like to tour the Underground?
 - If so please read the following:

To create a tour for your group:
                     You must have a minimum of 15 people. The maximum number is about 25 people.
If you do not have a group this size, we can include you with other people to make the appropriate-sized group.

Responsibilities of Group Leaders for Portland Underground Tours

If you are organizing a group to take on a tour of the "Portland Underground", you need to assist us to insure that everything is being coordinated and no one in your group is left out.  In order to assure the best outcome, please be certain that the following eight points take place.

As a group leader it is essential to insure that your tour goes smoothly by doing the following: 

1.  Make sure you are signed up through "Portland Underground Tours" by calling (503) 622-4798, or through email AND confirmed by Cascade Geographic Society.

2.  Make sure you have printed, read, and signed the PARTICIPANT AGREEMENT & LIABILITY WAIVER on the "Portland Underground Tours" If you do not understand something or want clarification, please get in touch with us at least 48 hours before the tour.  Do to the large volume of calls, if you call us the day of the tour, we may not be able to get back to you.

3.  Try to see that each member of your group has read all directional material provided by Mike P. Jones so that they understand how the tour is conducted, where to meet, where to park, etc.  Please understand that, quite often, groups are combined in one tour time, and it is only fair that all groups are prepared for their tour, and are on time.  Unprepared or tardy groups either delay everyone's tour or may actually curtail part of the time that would have been actually spent doing the tour. In some of the worst cases, the tour may actually have to be rescheduled.

4.  Provide a working email address so that you can download the waiver that each person in your group must sign.  If you don't have an email address, then please provide a working fax number.

5.  The waivers must be signed by each member of your group prior to the tour.  Please make every effort not to wait until the tour is to start to begin having your group sign the waivers. The waivers must be provided to the tour leader prior to the beginning of the tour, not afterwards.

6.  To insure that all participants in your group are paid for and that the tour will be conducted as scheduled, please send in one check that covers each person in your group. If this is not possible please be sure that any individual checks are collected by one person in your group and mailed in to CGS in ONE envelope. Do NOT have individual participants mail in checks to CGS separately. Please be sure to mark the date and time of your tour on the check(s) so that it can be tracked.  If the group does not wish to send in one check for all participants, or does not wish to collect individual checks in one envelope for payment, then please have each participant sign up directly with Michael - but do not list them as part of your group. Please be cautioned however, registering in this manner may result in the registration of group members for tours on different days or times. The best solution is to have one person in your group responsible for collecting and mailing in payment in one envelope to CGS.

7.  Tours must begin on time.  It is essential that all participants plan for time to park, time to use the restroom (since there will be no restrooms available during the tour), time to eat (if dining ahead of the tour time), and so forth.  Please be at the meeting site, which is Hobo's Restaurant (located at 120 N.W. Third Avenue) at least 15 minutes in advance of the tour, but one-half hour is even better for planning purposes, in case there are unexpected delays with parking, eating, the arrival of some of the members of your party, etc.

8 Additionally please read the information provided on the Tour FAQ page and the 18 key points to for success.
It is your responsibility to ask for clarification of any points you do not understand.


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