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Have our class schedule emailed to you directly! This will allow you to get the schedule early and be able to prepare your schedule in advance. E-mailing you our class schedule will help to save trees that would be cut down to make paper. This is far more reliable than regular mail because this will insure its arrival, plus there is no paper to get chewed up in the temperamental machinery that is used by the U.S. Post Office. If you wish to join our email list please see the information below, or, you can call us directly at (503) 622-4798 or drop us a note at P.O. Box 398, Rhododendron, Oregon 97049. If you would like our class schedule faxed directly to you, please give us a call at (503) 622-4798. You will be able to receive our schedule faster than the U.S. Mail and be able to make your plans early.

Please use the address on this page to send us an email request regarding this. 

Please be aware, by emailing us at the address below  you accept the following terms and conditions.

1-By submitting a request to this program you are acknowledging that you have read and agree to everything on this page.

2-By submitting a request to this program you are giving us permission to put your name on a mailing list. While we, the originators of this mailing program, will not use your name/email address for any purpose other than mailing updates, we cannot guarantee that other recipients will respect your rights. 

3-At this time the email program is experimental. We cannot be held responsible for misdirected mail, malfunctions on the part of any systems or any other problems that might cause delay or loss of information. When you submit a request you should receive a confirmation email from us with-in 7 days. If you do not get a confirmation please place another request

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If you still want to get updates from our bulk mailing list please send an email request to:


please mark "CGS class request" as the subject line

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