General Tour Information

Cascade Geographic Society (CGS) is a non-profit organization. Each school quarter CGS offers tours that compliment the classes taught by Michael P. Jones and certified through Portland State University. If you would like to attend a tour please see the links below. Most tours take place on a single day. Additionally CGS offers tours through the Shanghai Tunnels. For more information on the tunnels, please continue to the Shanghai Page. The links below will provide information on quarterly tours which cover topics related to the courses being taught through PSU. 


If you would like to have more in depth knowledge about these  topic and need continuing education credits please consider signing up for a class session which covers two days. For the classes however, be aware there is a much steeper cost due to accreditation received from Portland State University. The classes are mainly designed as continuing education credits for teachers.

If you do not need the credit but would simply like some general information please consider signing up for a tour as listed below. 

Signing Up For A Tour

To sign up for a tour you must register with Cascade Geographic Society ahead of time. If you have specific questions about the tour(s) please contact Mike or Nita directly at (503) 622-4798 or (503) 658-6233.

If you are a teacher and you would like to create a memorable event for your class - please see the page of tours designed for classes.

All tours linked below are open to individuals and groups. 

Links will open as tour information becomes available. 
If no links are open please contact Mike or Nita directly to find out about attending a tour related to class offerings.

Tour Schedules

WINTER  (Jan - Mar)

SPRING  (April - May)

SUMMER  (June - Aug)

AUTUMN  (Sept - Dec)

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