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A Trail Through Leaves:  The Journal As A Path to Place

    $25 [includes shipping -- USA] or $28.00 [Outside USA]
    (by Hannah Hinchman -- hardbound -- 8 8/16" by 10 3/4")

    the mysteries of Nature's everyday wonders are captured in this book. Cleverly illustrated with rich,       
    descriptive passages, it's a wonderful book!

All The Song Birds

    $8.50 [includes shipping -- USA] or $12.50 [Outside USA]
    (by Jack L. Griggs -- 2000 --- 6" by 4" -- softbound)

    This is a Western Trailside Guide of the American Bird Conservancy. Compact and packed full of information,
    it features songbirds like Warblers, Orioles, Tanagers, Jays, Thrushes, Flycatchers, Wrens, Finches, Vireos,
    and Titmice, and more, including even Hummingbirds, Woodpeckers, Swifts, and Swallows.  

Amazing Lures and Flies

    $11.50 [includes shipping -- USA] or $16.50 [Outside USA]
    (by Dickson Schneider -- hardbound -- illustrated -- 6 3/4" by 6" -- 1997)

    This is an excellent book that features some rare and forgotten lures and flies.  These are truly
    masterpieces that are part of the historical development of fishing.

American Country

    $15 [includes shipping -- USA; or $20.00 -- Outside USA]
(by Lisa Skolnik -- 10" by 10" -- softbound -- 96 pages -- illustrated -- index -- 1998)

    The "American Country" style is as varied as the cultures that inspired it.  From the vast plantations of
    the South to the ranch houses of the Southwest, from the styles that range from Empire to Federal and
    Shaker, and the rustic elements of the West.  Each region has its own characteristics that make it unique,
    but are all still united by the "American Country" aesthetics with the primary focus on comfortable and
    practical living.  Environment, available resources, and heritage are all factors that both shapes and
    comprises "American Country".  This is what this book is about, and how one can transform their home into
    elements of a living and functioning museum. Absolutely, this is home decorating at its best made simple.

Bird Migration

    $8.50 [includes shipping -- USA] or $12.50 [Outside USA]
by Robert Burton -- hardbound -- illustrated -- 11" by 8 3/4" -- 1992)

    This book is packed-full of information on the migration of birds.  This book features color photographs,
    state-of-the-art maps, charts, graphs, and drawings.

Birds of Prey

    $7.50  [includes shipping -- USA] or $12.50 [Outside USA]
    (by Jill Bailey -- hardbound -- illustrated -- 100 pages -- glossy-- index-- 10" by 8" -- 1988)

    A wealth of materials just waiting to be discovered in this book.  Over 100 illustrations and color

Black Bear

    $12.50 [includes shipping -- USA] or $16.50 [Outside USA]
    (by Daniel J. Cox -- softbound -- illustrated -- 11" by 8 1/4" -- 1990)

    This book focuses on the Black Bear in their native habitats.  An excellent reference book with great color

Bucking the Sun (a novel)

    $12.00 [includes shipping -- USA] or $17.00 [Outside USA)
    (hardbound -- 1996)

    This is the story about a family who lives in a shanty by the Missouri River who are always in the eye-of-
    the-cyclone.  They have to contend with con men, G-men, politicos, and prostitutes.

Country Quilts

    $23.50 [includes shipping -- USA] or $28.50 [Outside USA]
    (by Linda Seward -- hardbound -- illustrated -- 11 1/2" by 11 3/4" -- 1992)

    This book describes appliqué designs, quilting designs, quilting, quilt patterns, and much more.  Lots and
    lots of photographs.

Charles M. Russell:  Masterpieces From The Amon Carter Museum

    $15.00 [includes shipping -- USA]or $20.00 [Outside USA]
    (by Rick Stewart -- 12" by 12" -- hardbound -- 60 pages -- illustrated -- bibliography -- 1992)

    Charles M. Russell  was one of the greatest storytellers of all times, leaving a rich legacy in his writings
    and illustrated letters.  However, he is more known today for his artwork.  Will Rogers said that he was the
    "greatest artist the West ever produced".  He captured the Wilderness and the West, and those who lived it -
    - the Mountainmen, Trappers, the Cowboys, and the Indians -- in such a manner that that reality was
    transformed from reality to legend, and then into myth.  A book for anyone who loves history.

The Delicate Art of Whale Watching

    $7.50 [includes shipping -- USA] or $12.50 [Outside USA]
    (by Joana McIntyre Varawa -- softbound -- illustrated -- 1991)

    This is a great book about observing Whales in the wild.  An interesting addition to anyone's library.

Dominion:  Can Nature and Culture Co-Exist?

    $17 [includes shipping--USA] or $23.00 [Outside USA]
    (by Niles Eldredge -- 1995 -- 6" by 8 1/2" -- index -- hardbound)

    A book that makes you think!  We have become removed from our local ecosystems and the repercussions are
    covered in this book.

Empire Express:  Building the First Transcontinental Railroad

    $25.00 [includes shipping-- USA] or $30.00 [Outside USA]
    (by David Haward Bain -- bibliography -- maps -- index -- notes -- 1999 -- 6 5/8" by 9 5/8" -- 797 pages)

    The expansion of the railroads from the east to the west is an incredible story of the American Frontier. 
    This twin ribbon of steel forced the "iron horse" through Indian land, sparked a massive homestead
    migration, destroyed the buffalo, and lead to war.  This incredibly-exciting history is told by a masterful
    storyteller who spent fourteen years writing and researching this great book.  Highly recommended for those
    interested in history and those who are not.  You will not be bored with this book!

Few and Far Between:  Moments in the North American Desert

    $16.00 [includes shipping -- USA] or $20.00 [Outside USA]
    (by John Martin Campbell -- 1997 -- 8 1/2" by 9" -- bibliography -- index -- illustrated)

    This is one of the best books about deserts that you can find.  An artistic and captivating book!

Frederic Remington:  Masterpieces From The Amon Carter Museum

    $13.00 [includes shipping -- USA] or $12.50 [Outside USA]
    (by Rick Stewart -- 12" by 12" -- softbound -- 60 pages -- illustrated -- bibliography -- 1992)

    Frederic Remington is one of the world's most celebrated and recognized western artists of all time.  His
    superb paintings, pen and inks, and bronzes chronicled the vanishing way of life of the cowboy, the soldier,
    the Indian, as well as the horses and cattle of the Plains.  This book features some of his most famous
    artwork from the 1890's to the early part of the 1900's.  An ideal book for a gift or for your personal

Garden Herbs (A Photographic Guide to More Than 450 Herbs by Type, Size, and Color)

    $16 [includes shipping -- USA] or $20.00 [Outside USA]
    (by Deni Bown -- illustrated -- index -- 8 1/2" by 5 3/4")

    This is an "Eyewitness Garden handbook" that is a must for those seeking more information on herbs.  An
    outstanding publication!

The Gates of The Alamo (a novel)

    $22.00 [includes shipping -- USA] or $27.00 [Outside USA]
    (by Stephen Harrigan -- hardbound -- 6 5/8" by 9 1/2" -- 2000 -- 582 pages)

    The story of the siege and fall of the Alamo, and the efforts of the United States to wrestle Texas away
    from Mexico, seemingly can never grow old.  This book tells this famous story from not only the eyes of
    those defending this famous fortress, but also from the perspective of the Mexicans.  Refreshing!

Great Plains

    $9.50 [includes shipping -- USA] or $14.50 [Outside USA]
    (by Edward Curtis -- 6 1/4" by 4 1/2" -- 96 pages -- hardbound -- illustrated -- 1996)

    The images captured by the author during the late 1800's and early 1900's, are timeless.  This chronicler of
    the Indians of North America has given us a wealth of photographs that have created a real special jewel in
    this book.

Gunfire Around the Gulf:  The Last Major Naval Campaigns of the Civil War)

    $20 [includes shipping -- USA] or $25.00 [Outside USA]
    (by Jack D. Coombe -- 1999 -- 239 pages -- bibliography -- bibliography illustrated) -- 6 1/2" by 9 1/4")

    From 1861 to 1865, some of the more horrific sea battles took place during the American Civil War.  This    
    book chronicles some of those battles.

The Heart of America:  Our Landscape, Our Future

    $15 [includes shipping -- USA] or $20.00 [Outside USA]
    (by Tim Palmer -- hardbound -- 9 1/4" by 6 1/4" -- notes -- index)

    America's landscapes have always been our future.  The author takes us to those special places of natural
    beauty, as well as those scarred by human exploitation.  From forests to mountains, to grasslands and
    deserts, to rivers and lakes, wetlands and seashores, and more, he weaves together geographical, historical,
    and ecological information and insights into the land, creating a fresh new look at the ground upon which we
    live and endure.

Herbal Folk Medicine:  An A to Z Guide

    $14 [includes shipping-- USA] or $12.50 [Outside USA]
    (by Thomas Broken Bear Squier with Lauren David Peden -- 5 1/2" by 8 1/4" -- softbound -- 230 pages --    
    illustrated -- appendices -- glossary --bibliography)

    Our ancestors from every part of the world looked to plants and herbs for relief from common ailments such
    As colds, bruises, stomach aches, and sore muscles.  Today, we can look to those same herbs for relief from
    the skyrocketing cost of commercial medicines.  This book is the perfect introduction for anyone who wants
    to share in the immense wealth of herbal folk medicine.  You'll learn the historical and modern uses of
    every major medicinal herb, as well as how to prepare them and even harvest them from the wild.  This is the
    "herbalist's bible" that is filled with engaging entries and a cross-referenced appendix of ailments.  An
    excellent resource that you will treasure!

Heirs of Columbus, The

    $8.50 [includes shipping -- USA] or $12.50 [Outside USA]
    (by Gerald Vizenor -- 5 1/2" by 8 1/4" -- softbound -- 190 pages)

    This book draws on the postmodern information and Native American folklore.  The author has written a book
    with some new and interesting perspectives.

Henry David Thoreau Four Volume Set

   $30 [includes shipping] -- USA] or $35.00 [Outside USA]
    (by Henry David Thoreau -- 8 1/2" by 4 1/2" -- 4 Volume Boxed Set)

    This boxed set features four of Thoreau's best and most well-known writings.  These include The Maine Woods,
    A Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers, Walden, and Civil Disobedience.  A unique collection for
    anyone's bookshelf!

The Huckleberry Book 

    $12 [includes shipping] -- USA] or $17.00 [Outside USA]
    (by 'Asta Brown -- 5 1/2" by 8 1/2" -- softbound -- 96 pages -- illustrated-- bibliography -- index -- 1988)

    Here it is, the final word about the most sought-after wild fruit of the mountain west, the tangy berry that
    makes its domestic cousin, the blueberry, seem like bland stuff.  As shy as it is succulent, the huckleberry
    does not happily yield to generalizations about where to find it.  And little evidence makes it home from
    berry-picking trips to validate the purple-fingered picker's claims about the berries that didn't get away. 
    So it is that the lore of Huckleberries that rivals centuries of mountain stories about grizzly bears and
    camp cooking, and it's all contained here in this book.

Indian, Soldier, and Settler

    $6.50 [includes shipping -- USA] or $12.50 [Outside USA]
    (by Robert Utley -- illustrated -- softbound -- 8 1/4 by 5 3/4" -- 1990)

    This book shares the experiences of the Native Americans, the military, and the early-day settlers and
    homesteaders in the American West.  An interesting story of the struggles that became a part of history.

International Guide to Fly-Tying Materials (and where to buy them)

    $28 [includes shipping -- USA] or $36.00 [Outside USA]
    (by Barry Ord Clarke and Robert Spaight -- illustrated -- hardbound -- 190 pages -- index -- 10" by 7 3/4")

    This book is the ultimate guide to finding fly-tying materials world-wide.  It features natural and manmade
    materials., dubbings, threads, tinsels, and flossea, and more.

Johnny Tremain:  A Story of Boston in Revolt

    $16 [includes shipping --USA] or $20.00 [Outside USA]
    (by Esther Forbes -- hardbound -- illustrated -- 1971 -- 256 pages]

    This book chronicles the life of a young man's American Revolutionary War.  He becomes a patriot and, as
    say, the rest is history.

Kindle Me a Riddle:  A Pioneer Story

    $16 [includes shipping -- USA] or $20.00 [Outside USA]
    (by Roberta Karim with illustrations by Bethanne Andersen -- 11 1/4" by 9"-- 40 pages)

    Pioneer riddles and imagination is what this book is about.  An interesting children's book.

Light The Country Fire

    $9.50 [includes shipping -- USA] or $12.50 [Outside USA]
    (by Karen Bokram & Sarah Young -- softbound -- 8 1/4" 5 1/2" -- 126 pages -- illustrated -- 1994)

    This is the contemporary homeowner's guide to the long neglected skill of woodstove living.  Covers
    chimneys, flues, woodstoves, fireplaces, safety, and more.  Perfect for our time of energy shortage!

Mother Earth, Father Sky:  Pueblo Indians of the American Southwest

    $15 [includes shipping -- USA] or $20.00 [Outside USA]
    (by David Lavender -- 1998 -- illustrated -- 10" by 8 1/2")

    A good and interesting perspective on the Pueblo people and their history.  Beautifully illustrated, this is
    one book you'll want to keep in your own personal library.

The Mushroom Trail Guide

    $11.50 [includes shipping -- USA] or $12.50 [Outside USA]
    (by Phyllis G. Glick -- softbound -- illustrated -- 4 1/2" by 9" -- 1991 --illustrated)

    This is one of the best books on mushroom identification ever written. Covers 401 species and includes some
    delicious recipes.

Native Family

    $9.50 [includes shipping -- USA] or $14.50 [Outside USA]
    (by Edward Curtis -- 6 1/4" by 4 1/2" -- 96 pages -- hardbound -- illustrated -- 1996)

    An interesting book featuring the timeless images of a great early-day photographer/chronicler of the
    Indians of North America.  This book is a real special jewel.

The Nature of Nature:  New Essays from America's Finest Writer's on Nature)

    $15.50 [includes shipping -- USA] or $20.50 [Outside USA]
    (edited by William H. Shore -- 9" by 7" -- 302 pages -- illustrated)

Pacific Passions

    $17.50 [includes shipping -- USA] or $22.50 [Outside USA]
    (by Frank Sherry -- hardbound -- 9 1/2" by 6 1/4" -- 1994)

    This book is about the European struggle for power on the great ocean during the age of exploration.  Rich
    with maritime history in the exploration of the
Northwest Coast.

Peterson First Guide to Rocks and Minerals

    $6.50 [includes shipping -- USA] or $12.50 [Outside USA]
    (by Frederick H. Pough -- softbound -- illustrated -- 3 3/4" by 7 1/4" --1991)

    A must guide for anyone interested in rocks and minerals.  This practical and handy book is perfect for

Peterson First Guide to Birds

    $6.50 [includes shipping -- USA] or $11.50 [Outside USA]
    (by Roger Troy Peterson -- softbound -- illustrated -- 3 3/4" by 7 1/4" --1986)

    The perfect companion for any bird watcher going into the forest.  It slips in your pocket, and will help
    you identify feathered species throughout North America.

Peterson First Guide to Trees

    $6.50 [includes shipping --  USA] or $11.50 [Outside USA]
    (by George A. Petrides -- softbound -- illustrated -- 3 3/4" by 7 1/4" --1993)

    No person interested in identifying trees in North America should go out into the forest without this
    guide. It easily fits in your pocket and is a practical way of studying these great species of Nature.

Peterson First Guide to Mammals

    $6.50 [includes shipping-- USA]or $11.50 [Outside USA]
    (by Peter Alden -- softbound -- illustrated -- 3 3/4" by 7 1/4" --  1987)

    This is an ideal guide. which will assist you in identifying wildlife in North America.

Peterson First Guide to Urban Wildlife

    $6.50 [includes shipping -- USA] or $12.50 [Outside USA]
    (by Sarah B. Landry -- softbound -- illustrated -- 3 3/4" by 7 1/4" -- 1984)

    Wildlife galore surrounds us humans where we live.  This guide book is perfect to help identify the critters
    who live among us.

Peterson First Guide to Fishes

    $6.50 [includes shipping -- USA] or $11.50 [Outside USA]
    (by Michael Filisky -- softbound -- illustrated -- 3 3/4" by 7 1/4" --1989)

    A guide to fish species of North America.  An excellent companion for work or recreation in the great

Peterson Flash Guides to Pacific Coastal Birds

    $7.50 includes Shipping -- USA] or $12.50 [Outside USA]
    (by Roger Troy Peterson -- softbound -- illustrated -- 8 1/2" by 4 3/4" --1996)

    This is an excellent guide to use in the field or even out of the field. Because it is laminated, inclement
    weather or dirt will not harm it.

Peterson Flash Guides to Hawks

    $7.50 [includes shipping -- USA] or $12.50 [Outside USA]
    (by Roger Troy Peterson -- softbound -- illustrated -- 8 1/2" by 4 3/4" --1996)

    This is the perfect guide to use out in the field or even in the office. It is fully lamnated so bad weather
    will not do it any harm.

Pioneer Trails of the Oregon Coast

    $11.50 [includes shipping-- USA] or $11.50 [Outside USA]
    (by Samuel N. Dickson -- softbound -- 8 1/2" by 11" -- 1978)

    This is a rare and hard-to-find reference book that has been long out of print.  It features historical
    charts and maps of trails, along with great photographs and written text about the history of the Oregon
    Coast and its nearly forgotten pioneer trails.

Red Blood and Black Ink:  Journalism in the Old West

    $17 [includes shipping -- USA] or $11.50 [Outside USA]
    (by David Dary -- 6 1/2" by 9 1/2" -- hardbound -- 350 pages -- illustrated --  appendices -- chapter notes
    -- index -- bibliography -- 1998)

    This is the long-awaited book that tells the truth of the long, exciting, and often surprising story of
    journalism in the Old West.  The book takes you from the freewheeling days of the early 1800's when all the
    news was the expression of the editor's opinion, to the more balanced reporting of the classic small-town
    weeklies and the busy city newsrooms of the 1920's.  Included is the article in the Telegraph and Texas
    Register that launched the legend of the Alamo, and dozens of tongue-in-cheek, brilliant, or moving reports
    of national events and local doings, including holdups, train robberies, wars, elections, shouting matches,
    hyperbolic vegetable-growing contests, weddings, funerals, births, and much, much more.  Could the West ever
    have been settled without the press?  A very interesting book!


    $9.50 [includes shipping -- USA] or $14.50 [Outside USA]
    (by Don Hunter & Rene Dahinden -- softbound -- illustrated -- 1993)

    The search for North America's most elusive and most incredible creature.  Features a rich background
    history on this hairy giant.

The Sky Fisherman 

    $12.50 [includes shipping -- USA] or $17.50 [Outside USA]
    (by Craig Lesley -- hardbound -- 9 1/4 by 6 1/2 -- 1995)

    A popular contemporary novel that deals with the struggle between Native Americans in a white-dominated
    world.  The story takes place along the Columbia River.

So You Want To Be A Shaman

    $8.50 [includes shipping -- USA] or $13.50 [Outside USA]
    (by David Lawson -- hardbound -- illustrated -- 6 3/4" by 4 1/4" -- 1996)

    This is a practical guide to the history, wisdom, and ritual of this ancient tradition.  This book is
    superbly interesting and packed-full of information.

Son of the Morning Star

   $17.50 [includes shipping -- USA] or $23.50 [Outside USA]
    (by Evsan S. Connell -- 9 1/2" by 6 1/4" -- hardbound -- 1984)

    One of the best books ever written about George Armstrong Custer and the battle of the Little Bighorn.  What
    was the role of Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse?  Was Custer a madman obsessed with becoming president of the
    United States or a real honest to goodness hero?  Read this book and you be the judge.

Tales and Traditions:  Storytelling in Twentieth-Century American Craft

   $11.50 [includes shipping -- USA] or $16.50 [Outside USA]
    (by Lloyd E. Herman and Matthew Kangas -- 1993 -- illustrated -- 94 pages -- 11" by 8 1/2" -- softbound)

    This book tells the story of American crafts.  An interesting approach to folk arts, as well as storytelling
    itself.  A perfect book for anyone's bookshelf.

Temporary Homelands:  Essays on Nature, Spirit and Place

    $8.50 [includes shipping -- USA] or $14.50 [Outside USA]
    (by Alison Hawthorne Deming -- 1994 -- 8 1/4 by 5 1/2" -- softbound)

    This book is almost poetic, as the writer takes you on several different journeys into Nature.  From moments
    of insights to meanderings upon the natural landscape, this is a refreshing book for anyone who loves the
    ground on which we walk and explore.


   $20 [includes shipping -- USA] or $25.00 [Outside USA]
    (by Jon Dunn and Kimball Garett -- 1997 -- 7 1/4" by 4 1/2" -- softbound -- 660 pages -- bibliography --
    index -- illustrated)

    Another brilliant book in the Peterson Field Guide series.  This features a wealth of information on the
    Warblers with beautiful color photographs.  A must have book.

Water and Light:  A Diver's Journey to a Coral Reef

    $10 [includes shipping -- USA] or $15.50 [Outside USA]
    (by Stephen Harrigan -- bibliography -- index -- 8 1/4" by 5 1/2)

    An excellent literary work.  This is a "must read" for not only divers, but non-divers.  Captivating.


    $12.50 [includes shipping -- USA] or $17.50 [Outside USA]
    by Percival Everett -- hardbound -- 5 3/4" by  5/8" -- 204 pages -- 1996)

    This is a book about honesty and how to live with dignity in the presence of betrayal.  In short, it is
    about the fight over Native American treaty rights. This is a mystery story that crackles with tension
    and sly wit.  It is based on true incidents involving the FBI's secret war against the American Indian
    Movement (AIM).  Interesting!

The Wild Within:  Adventures in Nature and Animal Teachings

    $16.50 [includes shipping -- USA] or $21.50 [Outside USA]
    (by Paul Rezendes -- hardbound -- 9 1/4" by 6 1/2" -- 1998 -- 9 1/4" by 6 1/2")

    This writer captures the philosophy of Nature in this book.  His common sense approach to the natural
    landscape and its creatures brings you up close to what is within each of our reaches.  Great book! 

Wisdom of the Earth:  Visions of an Ecological Faith,
Volume 1;  Ancient Christianity

    $12.00 [includes shipping -- USA] or $19.00 [Outside USA]
    (edited & photographed by Gordon Miller -- 1997 -- softbound -- bibliography -- 8" by 8")

    An interesting book that shows how the teachings of the Bible and ecology blend.  The message, after reading
    the passages included in the book, is very clear.  A good book to challenge or reaffirm one's beliefs.

Wisdom of The Plain Folk

    $11.50 [includes shipping -- USA] or $16.50 [Outside USA]
(by Donna & Robert Leahy -- hardbound -- illustrated -- 6 3/4" by 6 " -- 1997)

    An excellent little book that captures the essence of cultures whose life-pace resembles the past.  Featured
    are songs, prayers, and the day-to-day beliefs of the Amish and the Mennonites.