CGS Volunteers Recognized
at Special December Dinner

Volunteers for the Cascade Geographic Society were recognized at a special dinner on December 9. During the year 2000, the organization has made great strides in our work, thanks to the unselfish dedication of individuals.  The preservation of heritage resources by the Cascade Geographic Society continues to be one of the main emphases of the organization. Volunteers have assisted in preserving cultural, historical, and natural resources. More and more Native American cultural and religious sites have been saved, along with segments of the Oregon Trail, the Portland Underground (the Shanghai Tunnels), and natural areas such as wetlands, riparian areas, wildlife habitat, and salmon streams.

Volunteers also have continued to assist in making the Cascade Geographic Society's festivals grow. These include the "Mount Hood Oregon Trail Quilt Show & Old-Time Fiddlers Jamboree", the "Mount Hood Huckleberry Festival & Barlow Trail Days", the "Mount Hood Salmon & Mushroom Festival", and "Christmas Along the Barlow Trail". 

The year 2000 recipients are: 

Glen Althauser

Anna & Larry Jones

Tom Owen

Bill & Judy Blessing

Jim Jones

Dave & Sharmalee Peil

Gerald & Suzi Blucher

Ken & Pat Lyttle

Steve & Debra Price

Frank Chimenti

Terry, Rebecca, & Danielle McAllister

Charlotte & Steve Seymour

Doris & Ray Cook

Debbie Merchant

Roberta Stroh

Herb & Anita Forbes

Tom & Dawn Morrison

Bob & Margaret Thurman

Friends of Northwest Forests

Steve & Rhonda Myers

Marv Welt

Kirstin Greene

Brad & Michele Normand

Bob West

Red Hower

Sharon Owen