The Portland Underground


Dateline: October 21, 2003

Portland Underground Tours Officially Reopen!

Thanks to all parties involved with the Portland Underground Tours (i.e. Hobošs Restaurant, the building owner, Cascade Geographic Society, and our volunteers who did not give up hope), the "Shanghai Tunnel Tours"are officially reopened!

We also wish to thank the hundreds of people who have patiently waited for this to happen, and especially appreciate those who were willing to support our efforts to continue this historic and educational endeavor. Due to the tremendous backlog of interested people, it will take a while to be able to schedule everyone into tours, but it will definitely happen. Please be patient in your communications with us; it may take 72 hours or more to return emails or telephone calls, as we are a volunteer staff of two, working full-time in the field of education.

Because this is the Halloween season, the "Ghost Tours" will take place before, as well as after, Halloween, for as long as they are requested. We will, however, have our annual Halloween night tours; unfortunately, we cannot accommodate everyone who has at some point requested a tour on this one evening. [Not knowing when we would reopen kept all of us "on hold", and the requests for Halloween evening tours has been overwhelming.] We will do our best to set up tours on a first-call basis beginning on October 21.

All previous tunnel tour information is still valid; there have been few changes. Please refer to the updated tour packet for this information. We look forward to resuming our tours!

Interestingly, since we have been closed for tours, progress has continued on developing educational components to the Portland Underground. We are hoping to begin work on the Museum of the Shanghai Tunnels within the next few weeks. We are going to have to raise a lot of money, not only for exhibits and a multi-media center, but also for restoring new sections of the Underground. Stay tuned to our website for updates! And, if you wish to help or donate, please get in touch with us.




Cascade Geographic Society

P.O. Box 398

Rhododendron, Oregon 97049

(503) 622-4798

email: shanghaitunnels@onemain.com

website: www.members.tripod.com/cgs-mthood