On the evening of December 8th, 2001, the Cascade Geographic Society bestowed a variety of awards on individuals and organizations who have assisted them throughout the year on programs and projects.  And, what was interesting about all of the winners, none was looking for recognition, but just wanted to contribute.

Cascade Geographic Society  Volunteer Appreciation Award

Friend of Cascade Geographic Society Award

Friend of "Rhododendron Meadow" Award

Golden Eagle Award


In Sincere Appreciation  of the Contributors to "Stage Stop Road Interpretative Center"

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

     The Cascade Geographic Society is a non-profit 501(c)(3) all-volunteer organization.  The donation of time, funds, artifacts, maps, documents, and services, as well as  personal historical knowledge, by many individuals, businesses, and groups, has allowed ³Stage Stop Road Interpretative Center² to exist as a free, educational facility.  It is located at ³Little Meadows², which was first a Native American camp site, and, later, utilized by ³overland² emigrants traveling over the Barlow Trail/Oregon Trail as a camping and resting area prior to becoming part of one of the first stage stops in the Mount Hood Area.

     Some of the donations to ³Stage Stop Road Interpretative Center² were done so in the name of specific individuals, and, they too, have been added to this plaque.  This makes the gift a ³living memorial² and recognizes who these people are and their support for educational heritage facilities like this one.   

    We are also deeply indebted to Bob and Margaret Thurman for allowing ³Stage Stop Road Interpretative Center² to be housed here at the Mountain Center.  Their generosity and unselfish foresight allows thousands of people to learn about the Oregon Trail on Mount Hood, as well as about the Native Americans, the Mountain Men and the fur traders, the early-day settlers, the homesteaders, and the first visionary resort-builders, as well as about the fish and wildlife and other natural resources, and the important relationship of all of these treasures to the heritage of the Old Oregon Country. ____________

     This plaque will be updated periodically in order to add

(alphabetically) the names of recent contributors to ³Stage Stop Road Interpretative Center².  In order to show our sincere appreciation, all donors to this educational project will be inscribed here to publicly recognize them for giving what they could to help preserve our heritage for future generations and their children¹s children¹s children.


 Cascade Geographic Society  Volunteer Appreciation Award

     The "Cascade Geographic Society Volunteer Appreciation Award" was bestowed upon individuals who have volunteered their time, services, or materials.  The Cascade Geographic Society would have a difficult time operating without their contributions.

     The following individuals or organizations received a "Volunteer Appreciation Award" from the Cascade Geographic Society (listed in alphabetical order):
 Mike Burgess
 Bob & Renee Chamberlain
 Christy Chamberlain
 David Chamberlain
Heather Chamberlain
Adrienne & Jim Duncan
Catherine & Michael Duncan
Jason Duncan
Jon Duncan
Lori Fenn
Eugene Graham
Hans Graiciga
Jacob & Melissa Hartman
Steve Hartung
Holly Hilton
Al & Rolene Hoecker
Tamarah Hovey
Art Hunger
Chief Johnny Jackson
Joy Johnson
Axtel & Lori Lambright
Karolyn Laster
Susan Lauritzen
Carol Logan
Marc St. Louis
Ken McCracken
Ed McGregor
Fred McLeod
Diana Moore
Navy Reserves -- SeaBees
Darin Nelson
Northwest Paranormal Investigations
Brian & Yoko Perry
Gail Peterson
Rich Petrie
Matt Pike
Ildiko Plesko
Steve & Debra Price
Virgil & Norma Pruitt
Jeramiha Quayle
Jennifer Robeson
Sam Rafton
Mike Rysaby
Eva Saviki
Sue Smith
Leigh Springer
Michele Sullivan
Arturo M. Vega
Austin Volden
Marilyn & Kelly Witt

Friend of Cascade Geographic Society Award


    The "Friend of Cascade Geographic Society Award" went to individuals who have donated their time and services to the organization for at least two years.  Since a lot of the Cascade Geographic Society's projects take two or more years to complete, or has on-going programs, this contribution is critical.

    The recipients for the "Friend of Cascade Geographic Society Award" are as follows (listed in alphabetical order):
Glenn Althauser
Suzi & Gerald Blucher
Frank & Suzanne Chimenti
Doris & Ray Cook
Herb Forbes
Friends of Northwest Forests
Frank Gearhart
Kirsten Greene
Red & Bridgie Hower
Anna & Larry Jones
Jim Jones
Brian Lehmann
Ken & Pat Lyttle
Terry, Rebecca, & Danielle McAllister
Joe Miller
Sharon Owen
Tom Owen
Dave & Sharmalee Peil
Steve & Debra Price
Kim Seits
Steve & Charlotte Seymour
 Roberta & Harold Stroh
Bob & Margaret Thurman
Bob West

Friend of "Rhododendron Meadow" Award


    "Rhododendron Meadow" is a special natural, cultural, and historical area.  It occupies 14.5 acres of the 18 acres of property owned by the Cascade Geographic Society in the Village of Rhododendron on Oregon's Mount Hood.  The "Friend of 'Rhododendron Meadow' Award" was bestowed on individuals who have assisted with either the preservation or restoration of this special partial of land.

    The "Friend of 'Rhododendron Meadow' Award" went to the following individuals (listed in alphabetical order):
Dale Crockatt (realtor)
Larry Scofield (botanist)
Steve Seymour(attorney)
Sandi Strader  (realtor)

Golden Eagle Award


    The "Golden Eagle Award" went to 13 individuals and one organization. In order to be eligible, a person or group has to work as a volunteer for at least two years and meet 25 conditions.  They can win this award only once.

    Winners of the "Golden Eagle Award" receive a special bronze medal with a purple ribbon, and have their name inscribed on a plaque that is kept at "Stage Stop Road Interpretative Center".

     The 2001 winners of Cascade Geographic Society's "Golden Eagle Award" went to the following (listed in alphabetical order):
Suzie & Gerry Blucher
Doris & Ray Cook
Friends of Northwest Forests
Greg Kafoury, Attorney
Karolyn Laster
Mark McDougal, Attorney
Joe Miller
Brian Perry
Steve & Debra Price
Kim Seits
Charlotte Seymour


 ~ Camp Arrah Wanna (Settlement of Arrah Wanna, Oregon)

~ Coy & Maxine Asp (Ocean Park, Washington)

~ Charlie Augustine (Village of Welches, Oregon)

~ Debbie Bahr & Jerry Patrick (Orchards, Washington)

~ Lutie Welch & Hallard Bailey (Village of Welches, Oregon)

~ Jack & Beth Baker  (Village of Rhododendron, Oregon)

~ Suzie & Gerald Blucher (Portland, Oregon)

~ Dick Caldwell, Biologist (Salmon Trout Enhancement Program ---  Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlfe, Clackamas, Oregon)

~ Robert Charlie, Sr. (Tygh-Tenino Tribe --- Warm Springs Indian Reservation, Oregon)

~ Frank Chementi (Boring, Oregon)

~ Clackamas Sign Company (Boring, Oregon)

~ Classic Trophies (Portland, Oregon)

~ Doris & Ray Cook (Beaver Creek, Oregon)

~ Phil Coquilette & Penny Holman (Vancouver, Washington)

~ Crumb Elbow Publishing (Village of Rhododendron, Oregon)

~ Ted Daniels (Detroit, Michigan)

~ Velma Morton DeShazer  (Settlement of Lolo Pass, Oregon)

~ Larry Dick, Medicine Man [Taaw-Lee-Winch --- Tule Man] (Wasco Tribe --- Warm Springs Indian Reservation, Oregon)

~ Lina Ditoma (Portland, Oregon)

~ Art Domer, Garden & Metal Art (Troutdale, Oregon)

~ Margaret Ann Fielding (Village of Brightwood, Oregon)

~ Herb Forbes (Village of Alder Creek, Oregon)

~ Dr. David French, Anthropologist (Portland, Oregon)

~ Brooking Gex (Settlement of Arrah Wanna, Oregon)

~ Darwin Goodey (Ellensburg, Washington)

~ Evellyn Sammon Gordon  (Village of Rhododendron, Oregon)

~ Gene Harvey, Sr.  (Warm Springs Tribe --- Warm Springs Indian Reservation, Oregon)

~ Michael & Carol Hawthorne (Village of Brightwood, Oregon)

~ Randy Hendrickson (Village of Welches, Oregon)

~ Al Hoecker (Estacada, Oregon)

~ Red & Bridgie Hower (Settlement of Lolo Pass, Oregon)

~ Chief Johnny Jackson (Cascade-Klickitat Tribe --- Underwood, Washington)

~ Laurence & Anna Jones (Portland, Oregon)

~ James P. Jones (Village of Rhododendron, Oregon)

~ Michael P. Jones (Village of Rhododendron, Oregon)

~ Nita J. Kreuzer (Village of Rhododendron, Oregon)

~ Brian Lehmann (Tigard, Oregon)

~ Carol Logan, Kalapooia Sacred Circle Alliance (Clackamas-Kalapooia-Clatsop-Chinook Tribe --- Springfield, Oregon)

~ Rip Lone Wolf (Enola Hill/Mount Hood, Oregon)

~ Ken & Pat Lyttle (Milwaukie, Oregon)

~ Pete Manion  (Village of Rhododendron, Oregon)

~ Bob Maybin (Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlfe, Clackamas, Oregon)

 ~ Terry, Rebecca, & Danielle McAlister (Portland, Oregon)

~ Gerald McBridge, (Village of Welches, Oregon)

~ Ken & Lois McCracken (Portland, Oregon)

~ Steve & Rhonda Meyers (Cowletz Tribe --- Portland, Oregon)

~ Fred & Cynthia MacLeod (Portland, Oregon)

~ Michael¹s Bread & Breakfast (Village of Welches, Oregon)

~ Joseph Miller (Village of Marmot, Oregon)

~ Helmer Olson (Village of Multnomah, Oregon)

~ Sharon Owen (Portland, Oregon)

~ Tom Owen (Portland, Oregon)

~ Dennis Pannichello (Milwaukie, Oregon)

~ ³Uncle Sam² Pannichello (Milwaukie, Oregon)

~ Brian & Yoko Perry (Portland, Oregon)

~ Dave & Sharmalee Peil (Village of Welches, Oregon)

~ Irene Petrie (Village of Sleepy Hollow, Oregon)

~ Rich Petrie (Settlement of Mount Hood Woodlands, Oregon)

~ Jim Rogan (Village of Brightwood, Oregon)

~ Monte Rumgay (Carver, Oregon)

~ Susan Santos (Tygh-Tenino Tribe --- Warm Springs Indian Reservation,Oregon)

~ Randy Savoy (Oregon Coast, Oregon)

~ Kim Seits (Tigard, Oregon)

~ Steve & Charlotte Seymour (Mosier, Oregon)

~ Milt Shame --- Quiltman (Tygh-Tenino Tribe --- Simnasho Village ---  Warm Springs Indian Reservation, Oregon)

~ Walter Speedis (Yakama Indian Nation --- Toppenish, Washington)

~ Manda May Stewart (Village of Rhododendron, Oregon)

~ Kayla Stocks (Boring, Oregon)

~ Bev Stonebrook (Village of Salmon, Oregon)

~ Bob & Margaret Thurman (Village of Welches, Oregon)

~ Toutfest Family (Mollala, Oregon)

~ Dennis & Joyce Tylka (Village of Welches, Oregon)

~ Arturo M. Vega (Settlement of Mount Hood Woodlands, Oregon)

~ Video Services (Portland, Oregon)

~ Carey & Gail Vincent  (Village of Brightwood, Oregon)

~ Sylvia Wallulatum (Tygh-Tenino Tribe --- Simnasho Village ---  Warm Springs Indian Reservation, Oregon)

~ Leslie Weaver (Milwaukie, Oregon)

~ Jennie Welch (Village of Welches, Oregon)

~ Welches Mountain Properties (Village of Welches, Oregon)

~ Bob West (Village of Welches, Oregon)

~ Elsie & Ralph Wickham (Boring, Oregon)

~ Wilferd Yallup (Yakama Indian Nation --- Toppenish, Washington)

~ Bill Young (Boring, Oregon)

~ Xpedex (Portland, Oregon)