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1. Understand the definition of a group:
             Cascade Geographic Society defines a group as two or more people.
             A tour may consist of many groups, since each tour will contain 15 to 25 participants.
             Therefore, everyone is expected to cooperate and understand that the tour guide is
             attempting to meet everyone's expectations.
             If you DO NOT want others on your tour please see key point numbers 5 and 10.


2. Understand that there are 3 primary tours types.
             -- The "Shanghai Tunnel Heritage Tour"
             -- The "Shanghai Tunnel Ghost Tour"
             -- The "Shanghai Tunnel Ethnic History Tour"
             However, if your tour contains multiple groups (see number 1), then there may be
             a "blending" of the information provided. See key point number 10.


3. Sign up and confirm - It is your responsibility to be at the right place at the right time.
             To insure that the date and time for your tour is correct, please make sure that
             you are officially signed up through the "Portland Underground Tours".
             You should receive a confirmation email from Cascade Geographic Society,
             but if you have any questions you can call (503) 622-4798.
             Please be aware that calling for information does not officially register you or your group.
             Additionally the only way to guarantee your reservation is to
             submit pre-payment within 72 hours of booking your tour.


4. Verify with all group participants before you sign up.
             Please DO NOT sign up with the "Portland Underground Tours" until you have verified
             with all your members that the proposed time and date will work. Once a request has
             been placed with us, we are "locked-in" and must begin organizing around that date and time.
             If you must change the date or time, please be aware that because of key point number 1,
             your request may affect numerous other groups, schedules and/or additional volunteer projects.
             We ask that to reduce such changes that you as leader of your group confirm your date and time
             with all your group participants before officially booking a specific date and time.


5. Securing a special date and time.
             If your group is unable to attend one of the pre-determined dates and times already on
             the "Portland Underground Tour" schedule, you may request a special date and time.
             However - in order to request this your group must have a minimum of 15 people.
             Additionally, if there is interest from other individuals for this same date and time, we
             reserve the right to add them to your group. As with all tours it is possible for the group
             size to reach a total of 25 participants. In order to prevent the addition of participants
             from outside your group, your group must register and pay for 25 participants.


6. Dealing with groups larger than 25.
             If your group has more than 25 people, you may decide to split your group into
             smaller segments. Or if your group contains under 35 you may choose to go ahead as
             one group. From previous experiences 30 people is a workable size, although 35 pushes
             the crowd limit. Please note, as explained in key point 5, if you choose to divide your
             group it is possible that other outside participants will be added to each tour session.


7. Adding more people after the fact.
             If your group decides they would like to add additional participants, please
             give us a call right away at (503) 622-4798. We must verify that there is still room.
             Additionally, we would request pre-payment to be made for any new participants.
             It is understood that occasionally, due to time restrictions there may not be enough
             time for the mail to be processed. In such instances it is possible that we may ask
             the group leader collect the money (exact cash or personal check) to submit just
             prior to the tour. However, please make arrangements with the "Portland Underground
             Tours" before assuming this is the case.


8. Processing of pre-payment.
             Payment for your group must be mailed within 72 hours of officially booking a tour.
             We request payment to be mailed in a properly addressed envelope to:

                                 Portland Underground Tours
                                 P.O. Box 398
                                 Rhododendron, OR  97049

             If a check does not arrive, your group will be taken off our schedule and we will
             assume that you and your group will not be attending the tour. This is another
             reason to be sure to complete key point number 4 above. A delay in collecting funds
             from all members of your group may cause problems here. Additionally we request
             only one check or money order from each group. Please have your group leader
             take responsibility to either collect individual payments and combine them into one
             envelope or to write one check or money order after collecting all individual payments.
             NO CASH PLEASE. Unfortunately pre-payment has become a necessity after finding
             at least a hundred examples of groups who did not show for a tour because there was
             no pre-payment.


9. No refunds ever.
             Reserving a spot to tour the "Portland Underground" is equivalent to buying
             a concert ticket. If you or someone in your group cannot attend it is your
             responsibility to find someone else who can take your place.


10. Understand what blended means.
             If your group has less than 25 people, then you are subject to blending. This means that
             your group may be merged with one or more other groups. (See key points 1 and 5 above).
             As each group may request any of the three primary tours as listed in key point 2 above,
             there is the possibility that the resulting tour may be blended. This means that the information
             provided may cross over between the three tour types. The tour will still physically take
             place in the same area of the "Portland Underground", but the focus of the information may
             vary. If you do not want to take the risk of being involved in a "blended tour" then you
             must pay for 25 participants. This is the only way to prevent outside groups from being added
             to your tour.


11. Be well informed.
             Be sure that you have read all the key points on this page. Additionally please review
             the Tour FAQ page, and the Shanghaii Tunnel Tour page. If you have further questions
             or you need clarification of any point please contact us at least 48 hours PRIOR to the
             tour date and time. Due to the large volume of calls, if you call us the day of the tour we
             may not be able to get back to you. Additionally if you bring your concerns with you to the
             tour, you risk delaying the tour and causing tension between your group and any other

12. Be on time and ready to go.
             Be sure that all members of your group have read the information in the FAQ page.
             Be sure that all members of your group know where to meet, where to park, how to
             get there and any other logistical information. Please be aware and understand that,
             quite often, groups are combined into one tour time. Unprepared or tardy groups either
             delay everyone's tour and/or may actually curtail part of the time that would have been
             spent on the tour. In very extreme cases, the group may be asked to reschedule at
             their own expense. It is suggested if you plan to eat dinner you should make arrangements
             to do so after the tour.

13. Obtaining the Waiver form.
             Please provide a working email address so that the waiver form can be sent to you for each
             member of your group to sign. If you do not have an email then a working fax number is
             preferred. In the event of neither your email or fax machine working, you can also download
             and print copies from our website. HOWEVER - if you choose this third option please be
             aware we reserve the right to ask your participants to sign another waiver on location due to
             updates or changes which may not have made it to our website.

14. Signing the Waiver form:
             Each individual member of your group must sign the waiver form PRIOR to the tour. Please
             make every attempt to pass out the waiver forms to your group members PRIOR to arriving
             downtown. Anyone not willing to sign a waiver will NOT be allowed to attend the tour. The
             waiver is a legal requirement. Remember there are NO refunds, so please verify with all
             members of your group that they are willing to sign the form prior to booking their spot.


15. Turning in the Waiver form:
             Because the waiver is a legal requirement, all signed waivers must be turned into the tour leader
             prior to the start of the tour. There will be no additional copies of the waiver available at the
             tour site. To prevent delays it is highly suggested that the leader for your group collect all signed
             waivers well in advanced and that they verify the day of the tour that they have the signed waivers
             ready to turn in.


16. Handling Payment:
             To insure that the tour your group is going on will take place, please send ONE check
             (or one set of checks combined into one envelope) that covers each person in your group.
             Please write the date and time of your scheduled tour on the check so that it can be
             easily tracked. IMPORTANT: Do NOT have individual participants for your group send
             in checks individually. This will only confuse things. Please see key points 4 and 8 for more

             If your group would prefer not to pay for participants in advance, then it is suggested that
             you do not sign up as a group. Rather have each individual contact us directly and sign up
             as an individual. There is no discount or group rate, so it is entirely up to you. However please
             be consistent. Either have all members of your group sign up through one contact person on
             your end - officially creating a "group" or have all members of your group sign up on their own.
             Duplicate listings of a person on a "group" list and as an "individual" can cause many problems
             with planning and may result in your group paying for that person twice. Note - There are NO
             REFUNDS, so be cautious.


17. Start Time - Planning to be ready
             Due to the amount of information presented in the tour, it is critical to begin on time.
             If anyone in your group delays the start of the tour, then this will adversely affect
             the length of the tour. It is essential that all participants plan for time to park, time to
             use the restroom, time to eat, and so forth.

             There will be no bathroom breaks provided during the tour, so please plan ahead.

             We ask that participants be at the meeting site at least 15 minutes in advance of
             the tour time. Hobo's Restaurant located at 120 NW Third Avenue is a full service
             bar and the starting location of the tour. If you decide to have a drink please alert
             the waitstaff that you are attending the tour.

             We strongly suggest that members of your group be told to meet 30 minutes in
             advance of the tour time to allow for unexpected delays with parking, bussing
             or other transportation issues.  


18. Receipts
              If you need a receipt, it is your responsibility to bring one to us, already filled out
              exactly how you or your bookkeeper prefers it. We will gladly sign it for you
              at the end of the tour. Or, if you prefer, you can send it to us at:

                                                     P.O. Box 398
                                                     Rhododendron, OR 97049

              If you send it to us, you must include a Self-Addressed-Stamped-Envelope,
              otherwise we will not return it. Additionally you can fax it to us or email it.
              We make no exceptions, we do not provide receipts. If you want a receipt you
              must create it and we will sign it.


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